Samsung files patent for dual-screen tablet

May 1, 2012

The patent design, unearthed by Forbes yesterday at US Patent and Trademark Office, would seem to indicate two adjoining 7-inch screens, and some kind of laser pointer, which could be useful for business presentations.

Should Samsung try its hand at the dual-screen tablet, it would be taking on a tricky form factor, which has, truth to be told, not yet been mastered by anyone on the market. Back in 2010, both Acer and start-up Kno created dual-screen tablets with limited success, while Microsoft’s much-publicized Courier project – another tablet sporting two screens – was very publicly called off in the same year. Sony has had slightly more success with its Tablet P, which launched in September of 2011.

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Tab 2 tablets, in sizes of 7-inches and 10-inches, as well as the 10-inch Galaxy Note, and has been rumored to be launching an additional Galaxy Tab of some kind at a press event in London later this week.


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