Samsung to release a Windows RT tablet in October, claims report

July 9, 2012

Citing ARM staff who wished to remain un-named, Bloomberg reports that Samsung’s tablet will tip up in October, and will also sport Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. No mention was made of what size this tablet will be.

With Microsoft offering a choice between Intel and ARM processors for the first time, tablet vendors have certainly been afforded some choice when it comes to Windows 8, with the ARM-powered Windows RT version better on battery life but confined to running Windows RT and Windows 8 apps. In contrast, Intel x86 machines will be able to run older Windows applications.

Just two weeks ago, it was revealed that HP had decided against making a Windows RT tablet and would make an Intel-powered Windows 8 tablet instead, although reports since then would seem to counter that claim.

Should this rumor on Samsung’s tablet plans turn out to be true, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising given the firm’s ambitions in a tablet market in which it currently trails Apple in a distant second place.

The Korean conglomerate, which currently uses Google’s Android operating system for its Galaxy Tab range, is currently reckoned to be slightly ahead of Amazon and its Kindle Fire in terms of tablet shipments.


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