Samsung reportedly sold over 40 million tablets in 2013

December 30, 2013
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The news site says Samsung sold 9.1 million tablets in Q1 2013, 8.4 million units in Q2, 10.5 million in Q3 and over 12 million this quarter, a record for the company. That compares to last year when Samsung sold around 16.6 million tablets and not quite 6 million in 2011. 

If accurate, the 2013 figures place Samsung squarely in second place in units behind the iPad. Apple says it sold 19.5 million tablets in Q1 2013, 14.6 million units in Q2 and 14.1 million iPads in Q3. It hasn't reported sales for the Q4 holiday quarter yet, but last year Apple sold almost 23 million iPads in Q4.

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