Samsung’s Smart App Challenge tempts devs with $800k in prize money

May 20, 2013
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The tech giant’s Smart App Challenge will award prizes to 10 winning entries with a total payout of $800,000. The first place winner gets $200,000, three second place winners get $100,000 and six third place winners stand to win $50,000 each.

While the Galaxy S4, with its oversized, 5-inch phablet display, is an Android device, the contest is specific to Samsung’s development platform for the device; you must use the Samsung Chord SDK to enter an app to the contest.

(Mobile app development, distribution and discovery will be among the key topics discussed at Tablet Ecosystem, September 12 in San Francisco)

The app must also be available on the company’s Samsung Apps Store, which is different from Google Play.

Winners will be announced in December. 


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