Samsung to merge Bada with Tizen for mobile push

January 16, 2012

Forbes reports that, after integration is complete, Tizen will support mobile applications written with Bada’s software development kit (SDK), with this support extending to offer backwards compatibility for previously developed Bada apps. The news source adds that Bada and Tizen developers will be given the same SDKs and APIs to work with.

Both operating systems are Linux-based, but are on the fringes of the mobile market at present. Samsung’s Bada has primarily been used on a small pool of smartphones for the European market (market researchers say it represents 2% of the worldwide smartphone market), while the Intel-backed Tizen also features on a limited number of devices. Tizen is a relatively new open-source OS, which uses some of the same technology as the now defunct MeeGo OS, which was developed by Nokia and Intel.

When speaking to Forbes, Samsung’s Tae-Jin Kang said that Bada will most likely to be used on the firm’s low-power, single core smartphones. Kang did admit that Tizen could come to non-phone devices.


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