SAP aims to improve tablet enterprise collaboration with Mobile Documents

February 27, 2013

The company announced the SAP Mobile Documents solution at the tech show in Barcelona, Spain, where it explained to TabTimes how the solution is able to bring together personal and corporate documents on any device via just one portal.

The product, a standalone software solution which can also be paired with SAP’s Afaria mobile device management (MDM) solution, can be used by IT departments to push corporate documents to individuals or teams, who can then view and securely share these files.

SAP explained that a crucial element of the product is that is agnostic with any CMIS-supporting content management system (think Microsoft SharePoint, Autonomy and others) and any MDM solutions, although representatives from the firm said that it does offer “tight integration” with Afaria.

A demo to TabTimes at MWC showed a private beta version of the SAP Mobile Documents iPad app, which served up a home screen with sections for personal and corporate documents.

SAP Mobile Documents is due to go live on March 15, with native apps for iPad and web (HTML5) to go live at the same time. The price is to be on a per user basis and while SAP is still to officially confirm what price what will be, the company was more decisive when it came to supporting operating systems.

“We want to get content to the user and so we started with iOS first because our customers most wanted iPad support,” said Steffen Schad, director of solution management at SAP NetWeaver.

“With all our beta customers, the demand has just been for iPad,” said Schad. Marking the increasing enterprise shift from BlackBerry to Apple devices, another SAP executive added that “demand just hasn’t been there for BlackBerry.”

Not that SAP is resting on its laurels when it comes to product updates, however. The company says that Android support will be coming “soon” and adds that quarterly updates will bring about a whole host of new features, including the ability to edit and annotate documents from within SAP Mobile Documents.  

The product, which has been tested internally by over 11,000 SAP employees for 18 months under the name ‘SAP Box’, will be available in two subscription models. The first version will see SAP Mobile Documents being deployed internally in company data centers, while the other offering enables enterprises to run the solution as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.


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