Schools are using the iPad to help students and teachers; one school has even gone paperless

November 12, 2012

TabTimes may have seen a number of tablet deployments in schools and universities over the last year, but a new report from Edudemic suggests that Apple's iPad is being used in 18 different ways in the classroom.

The source claims that education deployments vary from a Middle School in San Francisco using iPads to teach students algebra by using videos to the iPad being used for virtual field trips, taking attendance and submitting assignments.

Some innovative schools have even embraced the iPad for slightly less orthodox purposes. For example, The Holy Family School in Ashland has being using iPads to improve English by teaching children to rap, while the Eastlake Middle School in Chula Vista, California has combined the tablet with a specialized app to improve Physical Education.

Some of these benefits appear to extend to school financing too, with the Jackson Christian School in Jackson, Tennessee having gone "virtually paperless" as a result of adopting iPads and digital textbooks.


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