Scoble, Enderle, Bajarin & Lopez to debate at Tablet Strategy West

February 12, 2013
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TABLET STRATEGY West, the first conference in the San Francisco Bay Area to focus on deploying tablets and how to use them more productively in business, will feature an All-Star panel of technology industry analysts debating the future of iPad and its competitors.

The wrap-up session, moderated by tech blogger extraordinaire Robert Scoble, is set to be a lively debate between technology analysts, Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies, Rob Enderle of Enderle Group, and Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research over what we can expect next from Apple and its competitors and the impact of new technologies.

Will iPad continue to dominate rivals in the enterprise? Our panelists have differing views. A sampling:

“The claim that Apple products and the iPad in particular are not enterprise friendly is a myth,” Bajarin told TabTimes. “The simple truth is that the iPad is easily supported in enterprises, but it requires a process change because it’s not the way most IT departments support devices.”

Counters Enderle: “Apple has never really focused much on the enterprise. They don’t like sharing and that makes it difficult to do security. That's why enterprise vendors are building security apps for the iPad.”

In addition to the look into the future of tablets, TABLET STRATEGY West features case studies from different industries using tablets in their business including healthcare, sales, retail, and education, as well as issue-oriented sessions including: The next step in BYOD and The challenges of managing a tablet project.

A limited number of passes are still available to managers involved in or considering tablet projects. TABLET STRATEGY West is sponsored by FileMaker, Apperian, AsdeqDocs, Breezy, Damaka, EFI PrintMe Mobile, Framehawk, ionGrid, Lifeproof and Vernon.


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