Seebright’s augmented and virtual reality gaming headset uses iOS devices

March 25, 2014

Seebright showed off a prototype of its unnamed headset at GDC last week. The company says it "uses innovative optics to extend popular smartphones" and "delivers crisp stereoscopic images and 3-D graphics without blocking the user's peripheral view, hiding facial expressions, or limiting mobility."

148Apps played with the prototype in person and has some more details: apparently it pulls two images simultaneously from iOS devices and projects them at a special mirror that then reflects the images back to users' eyes, creating 3D effects. The mirror is interchangeable; a translucent option creates an augmented reality experience, while an opaque mirror is meant for virtual reality gaming. The headset will apparently also ship with a unique wireless controller, though Seebright hasn't spilled the details on that.

"We imagined a head-mounted display that leaves your eyes open to the world around you," Seebright co-founder and CEO John Murray said in a press release. "With a mix of unique engineering in optics, electronics, software and ergonomics the Seebright Platform enables enhanced reality in both AR and VR, affordable for everyone, accessible anywhere they go."

Seebright is planning a Kickstarter for April, so keep an eye out if iOS-powered virtual reality sounds like your thing.


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