Sega just announced a free-to-play ‘Crazy Taxi’ game for iOS and Android

March 14, 2014
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City Rush is being developed by original Crazy Taxi creator Kenji Kanno and Sega mobile studio Hardlight. Sega's announcement says the game "captures the spirit" of the series but reimagines it with "intuitive" one touch controls.

You'll swipe to change lanes, turn corners and drive up on the sidewalk to jump off ramps in a variety of missions and challenges. You can also upgrade your cab and customize it visually.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush has soft-launched already in some regions, and it will launch globally on iOS and Android later this year. I'm skeptical about the controls, but there's not really enough info here to make a judgment. In any case here's a teaser trailer to get your appetite up.


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