Semi-rugged Windows 8 tablet tips up at CeBIT

March 7, 2012

The semi-rugged 10-inch PM240 seems to be an upgrade on a 12.1-inch model which has the same name, but which runs Windows 7 Professional. FierceMobile IT was at the show and says that the new model has a HD screen, an Ethernet connection, works with Wacom’s active digital pen, and supports Microsoft Office applications.

FierceMobileIT says that the tablet works well with Windows 8, and adds that the PM240 holds most of the Metro UI in one place, reducing the need to scroll. The source says that the tablet was responsive when touching a tile, and professes program execution to be ‘nearly instantaneous’. The news site claims that a similar model to the PM240 has been chosen by NASA for use aboard the International Space Station.

Although little is known about PaceBlade Technology, the firm apparently build its tablets in the Netherlands and sells them worldwide, including into the United States. PaceBlade claims to be the 'world's oldest brand name' for tablets PCs, having being established in 1995, and a Wikipedia entry into the history of tablet computers puts them as the first company to meet Microsoft's Tablet PC standard in 2000. 


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