Seton Hall University to equip students with Windows 8 tablets and Ultrabooks

July 26, 2012

The New Jersey university is promising to hand out Windows 8-powered Samsung Series 7 Slates to all new science and honor degree juniors as soon as the new OS arrives in the Fall, while new students on other courses will each get a free Series 5 Ultrabook.

These deployments are all part of Seton’s Mobile Computing initiative, a plan which will also see the university give out Nokia Lumia 900 phones to all incoming freshmen from next year. In addition, the university has teamed up with Microsoft, AT&T and Nokia to offer free voice, text and data plans to students.

Windows 8 is due to launch on October 26, with the first tablets expected around the same time. The software is expected to be a big hit in business and education, mainly because both sectors continue to rely heavily on previous versions of Windows. 


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