ShopKeep thinks smaller tablets can work in retail; launches iPad mini POS solution

January 15, 2013

The ShopKeep POS iPad mini uses the MagTek uDynamo credit card reader to allow merchants to take orders from customers as they walk round in the store, and can be used to push receipts to the printer or to email these out directly to the customer.

"Our iPad mini register lets merchants service customers right when they walk in the door," says Jason Richelson, CEO and founder of ShopKeep POS. "Plus, it helps to make operations run more smoothly when lines get long."

The iPad mini register costs $49 a month, and is already delivering business benefits to New York coffee shop Laughing Man Coffee & Tea.

"We like our guests and we like to see them, so the most important thing for me is that we welcome them right away so they never feel like we are too busy for them," says CEO David Steingard .

"With the iPad mini we can take the extra step of taking orders further down the line, outside or where we need to. It helps move the line, but more importantly it sends a great message to our customers that we are continually working to make their coffee experience better."

ShopKeep has been demoing the new iPad mini register at the National Retail Convention and Expo (NRF) in New York this week, but hasn't been the only vendor to promote the iPad as a business tool at the event.

Kronos used the exhibition to announce an iPad solution that gives ‘meaningful business intelligence’ to retailers, while Revel Systems announced that it had become the first iPad POS provider to offer EMV processing in the U.S.

EMV processing is said to be a new standard in security and interoperability when it comes to card processing, and could potentially save retailers on hefty PCI compliance fees. The technology already features in regular “chip and pin” cards, which have been widely adopted in Europe.


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