4 iPad apps that simplify expense tracking

July 1, 2013


One of the top apps in this space, Expensify makes it extremely easy to keep track of business expenditures. Photograph receipts to enable Expensify to transform what you buy into an electronic version.

Users can also export reports into QuickBooks or FreshBooks. Expenses can be further categorized with tags, categories, or comments. The tool extends to the desktop, with a Chrome extension for capturing receipts that are generated online.

Pocket Expense

Pocket Expense creates a complete accounting and tracking system. It takes a little bit of time to learn all the nuances given its large feature set. However, once you have it mastered then entering expenses or other spending while mobile can instantly keep the books up to date.

Pocket Expense produces some good-looking reports that can be exported through email. Reports can also be generated for customized time periods, such as by week or month.


Concur serves as an extension of the desktop service, which is geared toward small or large businesses that want to track and manage company expense reports. Like other apps in this space, Concur users can photograph receipts and edit expenses from within the application.

Concur also includes some collaboration features, such as the ability to submit expense reports for approval, edit meeting details or make travel requests to other account users.

Expense Tracker 2.0

Expense Tracker is appealing with its attractive interface – each of the categories are well labeled and distinguished by color. Users can then edit details of expenses and get reports in a variety of formats. A built-in financial assistant offers occasional financial management suggestions.

Expense tracker contains several methods for generating charts, graphs, and other measures for determining an organization's budget situation. It does not have as many power features as other options but is a good, free alternative for small or solo businesses.


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