Skura SFX tablet app keeps sales teams current and on target

March 26, 2013
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With tablets in hand, how can sales managers centrally manage and update content so sales teams can share, present and track content? Skura says it has incorporated all of these attributes in its SFX product line. Established in 1996 the company boasts licenses to more than 30,000 sales representatives supporting over 100 brands in 34 countries around the world.

Historically, sales teams gathered frequently in offices to pick up rate cards or scrambled to update presentations with content drawn from file servers they hoped would be the final version. Even if the content was digitized, determining what aspects of the content the customer reviewed was more of an ideal and less verified by a technology. Without some type of insight into what was viewed, customer relationship management (CRM) information presented on tablets would be of no use in closing deals or spotting trends.

Enter Skura’s SFX tool that lets sales managers organize and present digital sales and marketing assets on any tablet device whether they are connected or not. The software allows for follow-up capabilities, which are embedded in the application. As an option, SFX integrates with existing CRM platforms like and automatically writes interaction data back. The tool also supports real time analytics with easy to read dashboard and reporting.

“Older ways of using CRM software forced sales reps to repeat steps over and over into a handful of entry points such as a laptop or smartphone. Newer CRM has reps asking for functionality across a number of devices,” Chris Skura, founder and CEO of Skura said. “By using tablet devices you are increasing the richness of the customer experience as well as getting more information about customers. Our SFX product is about enabling your sales reps to deliver high impact content to their customers at exactly the right time that they need it.”

Global life science company integrates Skura with Salesforce

One company using Skura’s SFX is a global life science company. The France-based company makes adhesive dressings for helping heal wounds. The company chose Skura’s SFX product suite with full integration into its CRM system. Although it initially deployed SFX on the iPad, reps would be able to use any device on any operating system since Skura software supports other device operating systems including Android, BlackBerry, and Windows.

After assessing its options, the life science company rolled out the SFX product to its salespeople in five countries spread across two continents. The software needed not only to provide real-time updates to the tablets but must also support English-, French-, Spanish-, Thai-, and Mandarin-speaking clients.

The result was twofold. Physicians who received details of the the company’s dressings with iPads were nearly twice as likely (62%) to remember the product than those doctors who were simply given paper handouts (32%). The company said its sales people also reduced the average time spent completing administrative duties by 2 hours.

The life science company then started a program using tablets in the field in which sales and marketing managers would analyze customer information in a new six-week sales cycle instead of a three-month cycle.

The payoff reported by sales reps is that they now realize how much information they can learn and how targeted their change can be, tailored to the customer’s needs, thanks to Skura software. 


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