SlideShark Anywhere brings iPad PowerPoint tool to PC, Mac and Windows 8 users

March 19, 2014
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SlideShark has long been a popular tool for sharing and presenting PowerPoint presentations on the iPad (Microsoft doesn’t offer a version of PowerPoint for the iPad).

The addition of Windows 8 compatibility might seem odd at first given the Office suite, including PowerPoint, is availab(le on Windows 8 tablets. But the company says the addition of Windows 8 and Macs lets more users take advantage of the product’s features to access and distribute presentations.

“Now, SlideShark Team Edition users who don’t have iPads, along with those who use multiple devices – and want to use their iPad on the road and PC at their desk, for instance – can access SlideShark presentations from a single location and take advantage of the app’s presentation features, analytics and other benefits,” said Brainshark’s VP of Product Management David Klein.

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The company says SlideShark Team Edition subscribers, whether PC, Mac or Windows 8 tablet users, will be able to use SlideShark Anywhere to:

  •  Access approved presentations from their Web browser (Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11; Chrome; Firefox and Safari).
  •  Easily navigate slides using Arrow buttons and/or mouse clicks to advance animations and slides.
  • ·Play presentations, full screen, during in-person meetings. A tray with slide thumbnails makes it easy to jump to previous or upcoming slides.
  •  Broadcast presentations live over the Web and invite others to follow along.
  •  Easily switch between presenter view and full screen.
  •  Click to share presentations and track viewing activity to see, for example, when prospect interest is hot.


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