Slideshark’s Broadcasting feature give mobile presenters more real-time viewers

March 26, 2013
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SlideShark Broadcasting lets presenters invite people (sales people and other road warriors for example) to view their presentation as its being delivered live, even if they're late or weren't originally invited. 

BrainShark’s flagship SlideShark app lets iPad and iPhone users view, present and share PowerPoint presentations on their iOS devices. SlideShark also includes new annotation features (you can, for example, circle an important bullet point with your finger or stylus during the presentation) and a virtual laser pointer.

Presenters also get a summary at the end showing how much time was spent on individual slides and who attended the meeting.

“Broadcasting is very simple to use, there’s just an additional icon in the toolbar you tap to invite more peole to the presentation,” David Klein, chief product officer at BrainShark, told TabTimes.

Join remotely – in the office

In testing the product with customers and its own internal use, Klein said  BrainShark was surprised to discover it’s quite handy even inside the company or room where a presentation is being given.

“It’s well-catered to the new evolution of meetings where rather than stare at what the projector is displaying, people show up in the room with their iPads,” said Klein. “You end up presenting more intimately to those individuals; they can focus their attention a bit more on either the speaker or the slide in front of them.” 

Slideshark is available in different pricing tiers staring with a free edition for individuals and up to three attendees per presentation. A free 30-day trial of SlideShark Team Edition is also available. 

(BrainShark will be speaking at the upcoming Tablet Strategy conference in New York, April 30). 


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