Best New Android Games for Tablets: plow snow, scuttle shuttles, and gore zombies [Update: Flappy Bird!]

by Mike Rougeau

January 31 2014

Some more iOS classics made the jump to Android this week, but there are plenty of new releases too.

Update: The enigma known as Flappy Bird surprised me by coming out for Android today as well, so I've added that to the slideshow below. I won't pretend to know why this game is so popular, but there it is.

Ever wanted to pretend to drive a snow plow? Of course you have—and now you can, with indie developer Dan FitzGerald's Dawn of the Plow, available this week on Android.

That's not the only exciting new release—what about EA's Dungeon Keeper, the retro-looking Shuttle Scuttle and Winds of Destiny, the fast-paced Worm Run, and the beautiful Pyro Jump? Plus iOS classics Deus Ex: The Fall and Minigore 2: Zombies finally make it over to Google's playground. Click through the slideshow below for all the best new Android tablet games.

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Links & Apps

  • 1 Shuttle Scuttle
    Slide 1

    "Shuttle Scuttle is a fast-paced, retro-style shooter game with a mission. It's the year 2285 and all is peaceful since the forming of the USSA (United Sol System Alliance). That is until Neptune station reports of unidentified spacecraft approaching. A hostile force is making its way through the Sol system towards Earth. Armed shuttles for asteroid destruction are the only defense crafts available. Seek out and intercept this hostile force before Earth becomes a target!"

  • 2 Worm Run
    Slide 2

    "You are Zeke Tallahassee, hapless space janitor in the wrong place at the wrong time. Swipe on your touchscreen to move Zeke through an ever-changing labyrinth all while being pursued by a blood-thirsty, gigantic space Worm."

  • 3 Grandpa and the Zombies
    Slide 3
    Grandpa and the Zombies

    "Just after waking up in a hospital, Grandpa Willy quickly realizes that there’s something fishy going on and that the world has changed. There’s no time to ask questions though since the zombies are already pounding on the door. 'Grandpa and the Zombies' is a fast-paced trip through 90 levels and three different worlds, which shows that you can also survive a zombie invasion in a wheelchair. The levels are filled to the brim with the craziest undead that make Grandpa Willy’s escape that much harder including stinky Halitosis Jack or the Forklift of Evil. Some of the undead can even be really helpful if you know how to interact with them."

  • 4 Suits and Swords
    Slide 4

    "The Joker is back for revenge – and only YOU have the power to stop his destruction. Lead Captain Black Jack on an epic card battling journey to save the four card realms. Suits and Swords is more than a blackjack card game – it’s the elements of a role playing game combined with the strategy of blackjack creating an adventure that’ll have you addicted after your first battle. Suit up, double down, and join the fight!"

  • 5 Deus Ex: The Fall
    Slide 5

    "Deus Ex: The Fall is the start of a new journey in the award winning Deus Ex game series for Android phones and tablets. Set in 2027– the golden era for science, technology and human augmentation. Ben Saxon an augmented former British SAS Mercenary, is desperate for the truth behind a global conspiracy threatening his life."

  • 6 Winds of Destiny - Duel of the Magi
    Slide 6
    Winds of Destiny - Duel of the Magi

    "Today, I am proud to present to you Winds of Destiny - Duels of the Magi. This game is a retro head to head arcade style strategy game that combines many different mechanics in a fun and challenging new way that is accessible to all ages. Taking elements from fighting games, trading card games, and RPG's, With its easy to learn/difficult to master gameplay style, Winds of Destiny serves as a perfect coffee break game that you can play head to head against your friends."

  • 7 TowerMadness 2
    Slide 7

    "The aliens are back, and this time they’re on a mission to turn your beloved sheep into sweaters for their emperor! The sequel to the hit tower defense strategy adventure TowerMadness is finally here. Protect your flock using quick thinking and an arsenal of awesome weapons."

  • 8 Pyro Jump
    Slide 8

    "Leap from one wheel to another and try to catch Princess Paper in a hundred or so levels full of pitfalls. Pyro, the little flame, is burning with love for the princess and is ready to try anything to convince her that this romantic idyll is not destined to go up in flames! In each level, collect all the flames and unlock bonus levels! Pyro Jump is a fiery platform that requires dexterity and precision. Complete the levels without any faults and, if you enjoy the challenges, try and win gold timers!"

  • 9 Dawn of the Plow
    Slide 9

    "You are the new plow on the block, and today is your day. How many cars can you shepherd home before achieving grounds for termination? An arcade snowplowing game by Dan FitzGerald (Trichotomy)"

  • 10 Dungeon Keeper
    Slide 10

    "DIG. DEVISE. DOMINATE! It’s good to be bad in Dungeon Keeper! Devilishly smart. Deploy wicked tactics and dominate your enemies! Build the ultimate underground lair and summon diabolical forces to do your bidding. It’s tower defense…without the tower…and a lot more offensive!"

  • 11 Rogue: Beyond the Shadows
    Slide 11
    Rogue: Beyond the Shadows

    "You have lived all your life in the same town and known each of your neighbors for many years... But one day you wake up suddenly in the middle of the forest, alone, lost, and confused. When you return to your hometown, nobody remembers who you are. Something terrible has happened, and your adventure has just begun. Explore a fantasy world full of magic, goblins, skeletons, lizards, gnolls, necromancers, golems... and many more!"

  • 12 Gamebook Adventures 9: Sultans of Rema
    Slide 12
    Gamebook Adventures 9: Sultans of Rema

    "Your return to Rema takes you further to the east, to the City-State of Callae, renowned throughout the world as a city of great learning. Your final destination is the Emirates of Akbir, ruled by a sick Emir who has remained neutral to Orlandes’ political leanings over the years. His successor threatens to send that relationship into turmoil. You must secretly enter a harsh desert world of political power struggles and strange magics to ensure a stable future for both Rema and Orlandes!"

  • 13 Minigore 2: Zombies
    Slide 13

    "Minigore 2 is an award-winning action game starring Egoraptor! Dual-stick shooter masterpiece from the creators of Ice Rage, KingHunt and Bike Baron. You must help John Gore fight his way through sunny lakes, graveyards and freezing plains into a stormy forest. The legendary Metusalem has brought to life murderous chefs, giant lumberjacks, killer penguins, a single moose and the entire undead army of the Cossack General."

  • 14 Scrap Tank
    Slide 14

    "In a world dominated by sinister robots, take control of the Scrap Tank and take the fight to them! Battle your way through the metal onslaught using an impressive array of hi-tech weapons. Do you have what it takes to survive against endless hordes of tanks, jets, airstrikes, missiles, helicopters and kamikaze bots?"

  • 15 Flappy Bird
    Slide 15

    "Flap your wings to fly..."


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