The 10 best free 'Flappy Bird' clones, knock-offs and tributes

by Andy Chalk

April 1 2014

These Flappy Bird-like games fly higher than the mighty red-billed eagle.

Flappy Bird may have flown the coop but there are plenty of ways to scratch that screen-tapping, F-bomb-dropping, throwing-your-tablet-across-the-room-in-rage itch.

For those who just can't get enough, here are ten more ways you can abuse small digital animals and your sanity at the same time. is the ONLY site focusing on tablet games—sign up for our free Tablet Games newsletter and follow us on TwitterFacebook and Google+.

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Links & Apps

  • 1 Flappybalt
    Slide 1

    From the makers of Canabalt comes Flappybalt, a stylish single-screen game featuring flapping, spikes, and a tragic tale of the fragility of beauty caught in the relentless grind of a blighted urban landscape. Video games are art!

  • 2 Flapthulhu
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    "That is not dead which can eternal flap," am I right? Flapthulhu is possibly my favorite Flappy Bird clone, because rather like gazing upon the horrible visage of great Cthulhu, playing it will probably make you mad. With great backgrounds and a "soundtrack" clearly designed to drive you insane, this is one twisted flapper that Lovecraft fans won't want to miss.

  • 3 Flap In Time
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    Flap In Time brings a groovy visual style to the table but the real twist is the "time-stop" element: With each gate you pass, the action halts as you tap where you want your bird to go as it moves toward the next obstacle. Score ten points and add a unique new character to your menagerie – there are 31 in total to collect!

  • 4 Flapping Bird - Online
    Slide 4
    Flapping Bird - Online

    Have you ever thought, "Boy, Flappy Bird is great but I wish I could play against other people?" Behold Flapping Bird – Online! It's Flappy Bird with a visual overhaul, but more importantly it offers online multiplayer against real, live human beings who will do their worst to flap you into the ground. The action flows through four unique zones, leaderboards track the best of the best and if you can't stand the competitive heat, a single-player mode is offered as well.

  • 5 Splashy Fish
    Slide 5

    It's a whole new experience, folks, because you're not flying, you're swimming! It's Flappy Bird underwater! Splashy Fish offers ten collectible trophies, optional 8-bit sound effects and an extreme mode for the hardcore pros! And water! This, as they say, changes everything.

  • 6 Clumsy Bird
    Slide 6

    This is one of the more gussied-up Flappy Bird variants on the market, by which I mean it looks like Angry Birds and you can buy hats, clothing and other accouterments for your avian avatar. It riffs on Angry Birds in other ways, too: Dragons have stolen your eggs and now you have to flap to get them back! Okay, yes, it's doubly unoriginal, but it's a pretty decent-looking bird-flapper and the 60-second sprint is a fun way to see how your flappy skills hold up against the rest of the internet.

  • 7 Flappy Wings
    Slide 7

    If what you want is a no-nonsense clone of Flappy Bird, then you might want to take a look at Flappy Wings. It bills itself as a "parody" of the original but looks to be more of a straight-up rip-off, but hey, if that's your thing, then maybe this is your thing. The latest update adds hats, because what's a bird without a hat? Right?

  • 8 Flappy Nyan
    Slide 8

    Flappy Nyan takes the famous cat into the sky with 80 skins, 10 Nyan themes, online leaderboards, a remixed Nyan Cat theme song and even a Tac Nayn mode that lets you play backwards! Sing it with me - Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!

  • 9 Hedgy Jumper
    Slide 9

    He's a hedgehog who jumps through gold rings! He's not blue, though – that would be weird. Hedgy Jumper reverses the Flappy Bird mechanic, as you hold the screen and then release to jump through rings and dodge spikes and other obstacles. The fast-paced gameplay is complimented by leaderboards, trophies and a bright, cute visual style.

  • 10 Flappy Fall
    Slide 10
    Flappy Fall

    Flappy Fall actually does something different – instead of maneuvering birds between pipes, you must catch them as they fall out of the sky. Think of the old Activision classic Kaboom! (if you're old enough) and you'll have a good idea of what's in store. It might be a little out of place on this list but it's still a "flappy" game, and in a sea of "me-too" knock-offs, a little change is a welcome thing.


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