The best iPad apps for business

by Andy Patrizio

December 28 2011

The selection in the App Store can be a bit overwhelming for some. So we sifted through the best-reviewed in order to help make your to-download list a little more manageable.

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  • 1 Prezi
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    If you don't want to use PowerPoint for any reason, Prezi makes it easy to create presentations for display on your iPad, and the presentations are stored in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.

  • 2 Pages
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    Apple's Pages is the most extensive word processor you can find for the iPad, and it supports iPhone and iPod touch as well. You can create documents either from scratch or from 16 Apple-designed tablets. iPhone 4S users can use Siri dictation to edit their documents as well.

  • 3 CamCard
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    Last century, there were dedicated, proprietary business card scanners to read business cards into your contact list. Now the iPad's camera does it for you, storing the card info in the Contacts database.

  • 4 Photoshop Express
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    Photoshop Express

    A tablet is about the last place you want to do image editing, but for those times you need to crop, rotate or trim an image, Photoshop Express is there to give you basic image editing.

  • 5 GoToMyPC
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    This is still one of the most popular and widely used remote PC desktop access apps out there, with firewall integration, 128-bit encryption and end-to-end authentication to secure the connection.

  • 6 Save2PDF
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    Yet another app that shows the iPad can be a content creator and not just a consumer. This app lets you create PDFs from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Photos, Web pages, Contacts and many more formats.

  • 7 GoodReader
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    GoodReader can handle very large documents, up to 100MB, either in PDF or TXT format, along with Microsoft Office documents, and lets you stick annotations to the file to add your own markups.

  • 8 Penultimate
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    Penultimate is a free-form drawing app that lets you use your finger like a pen/pencil to draw anything, from notes to complex math and scientific symbols to a flow chart. The background is designed to look like paper and there are different ink styles to fit the user's needs.

  • 9 Keynote
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    $9.99 (free for new devices)

    Designed by Apple for its own products, Keynote helps you make presentations with things like animated charts and transitions that can be presented on an HDTV display, not just a standard monitor. It has 12 Apple-designed themes to make presentations shine.

  • 10 Zoho Docs
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    Zoho's line of apps is designed as a Web-based alternative to MS Office, and with Docs you can access your documents remotely, including shared docs that others are working on. It even has check-in/check-out, to save revisions of documents as people make changes.

  • 11 EasySign
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    If you want to sign an electronic agreement today, you have to sign the paper, scan it to a PDF and then mail it. EasySign dispenses with that headache and lets you sign documents right on your iPad and mail them off.

  • 12 Yammer
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    Yammer is a private, secure social network for businesses that don't want to have to work through a public network like Facebook and Twitter. It offers real-time chat with staff inside your secured network on both iPads and iPhones.

  • 13 Square
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    iPads are increasingly being used for business as point-of-sale systems, and Square's self-titled app lets you take credit cards. It uses a card reader that plugs into the headphones. Both the software and reader are free, but you pay a percentage of every transaction, which is how it works in the stores.

  • 14 PC Monitor
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    GoToMyPC and its clones are handy for accessing a PC remotely, but what if you want to see if your PC is running properly? PC Monitor installs a client on your desktop/laptop and you connect via the iPad to see if everything is running properly or if the computer needs to be shut down, which you can do.

  • 15 ReaddleDocs
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    ReaddleDocs is another well-reviewed document reader, with a fairly wide range of supported documents. It lets you open and view (but not edit) PDFs, MS Office files and Apple iWorks files.

  • 16 PrintCentral
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    Print direct to most Wi-Fi-enabled printers or to any printer attached to a PC, and you don't need to be on a Wi-Fi network, it works over a 3G network. View, store and print e-mail, attachments, documents, files, photos, contacts, Web pages and more.

  • 17 FileMaker Go for iPad
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    FileMaker Go for iPad

    FileMaker is an established and entrenched brand in the Apple world, and its database is very popular. But how do you access your databases while on the road with an iPad? Through FileMaker Go, which lets you do all kinds of quick access and searches of your data.

  • 18 Corkulous
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    Corkulous takes the cork board out of the lunch room and puts it in the cloud, where you can "tack up" notes, photos, contacts, messages and tasks. Cork boards can then be stored in Dropbox and shared with others.

  • 19 iMockups for iPad
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    iMockups for iPad

    Designing and mocking up a Web site can be an annoying task of drawing, erasing, and redrawing until you get your ideas clear. Why do it on paper when iMockups will let you quickly design an outline of a Web page, either from scratch or from a set of templates, which can then be used to create the final Web page?

  • 20 QuickOffice Pro HD
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    If your business is an MS Office shop, QuickOffice Pro is a must-have for your tablet software load-outs. Foolproof compatibility for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is great. Even greater is the built-in integration with Google Docs and Dropbox.


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  • NatalieEME4
    1 year 9 months ago

    Great article - it's very helpful to read about all of the apps that can help make work a bit easier. It's always great learning about new available apps. I also downloaded a cool sales app called WRNTY which is geared towards helping sales representatives ( I'll check out the Meeting Minutes one too - that app sounds fantastic!

  • msabra
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