The good word: 5 great word games for tablets

by Eric Frederiksen

December 9 2013

You show-off. You can already detect colors, shapes, and patterns, and now you want to throw understanding language into the mix?

If simple tile-swapping and matching aren’t enough for you, check out the these fun word games. All the games listed can be found on iPad, most on Google Play, and some even on Windows.

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  • 1 Wordament
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    Wordament is a bit of an odd one out in this list, as it’s provided by not some small, three-person studio, but by Microsoft Corporation. Wordament, a portmanteau of Word and Tournament, is a sort of endless Boggle-style game that takes place in two-minute rounds, each separated by a minute. In each round, you must find every word available in the grid. Once the round is over, you’ll be put in the list with everyone else in the that played that round. You can play as Player129018758 or you can sign in with your Xbox Live name—even on iOS and Google Play—and get a few gamerpoints as well as tracking your score. The presentation is simple, but the game is fun, and the game is available on iOS, Google Play, and the Windows store.

  • 2 7 Little Words
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    7 Little Words isn’t an endless grid like so many other games. Instead, each puzzle presents you with seven blanks. All you have is a clue and how many letters are in the word. Some options might be “good for you,” and “Arthur’s Childhood Nickname.” The clues are obscure enough that, while some are incredibly simple, others will baffle you long enough to give this small title a long life.

  • 3 Spelltower
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    Spelltower, which sounds a little more Fantasy than the game actually is, requires that you clear the screen of tiles in as few rounds as possible. Bigger words mean more points, and good planning doesn’t hurt, either.

  • 4 Puzzlejuice
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    Puzzlejuice is as fun as the name is gross-sounding, but thankfully the only thing it oozes is personality. At first, it looks a bit like Tetris; multi-colored blocks fall from the top of the screen and you can place them to create complete lines and groups. As tiles start to group up, however, they turn into letters. Before you can clear the screen of tiles, you’ll need to make words out of them. The game moves quickly, especially in the harder game modes, and finding effective words becomes a fun challenge as your multiplier counts down at the bottom of the screen.

  • 5 W.E.L.D.E.R.
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    With its metal-and-bolts look, WELDER fits into the old pre iOS7 skeumorphic design style a bit better than it does the current look of the system, but it’s still a fun tile-swapper. Each level gives you a certain number of moves in which to complete enough words to pass. In addition to those turns, you have a number of special moves that let you move groups of tiles and pull tiles from other parts of the board to complete words.


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