The best iPad healthcare and medical apps

by David Raths

December 27 2011

Patient monitoring, educational, and image-viewing tools lead the innovations in healthcare

With thousands of health-related iPad apps being rolled out, it is difficult to call attention to only a few. But below (in alphabetical order) is a run-down of several apps introduced or significantly enhanced in 2011 that iPad-using clinicians are expressing excitement about.

Others have the potential to transform care practices and improve communications with patients. Expect an even greater level of innovation in 2012.

Links & Apps

  • 1 AirStrip Patient Monitoring
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    AirStrip Patient Monitoring

    Offers the potential to bring information from patient monitoring systems to physician mobile devices, including iPads and Android-based tablets. AirStrip allows clinicians to check on patients’ vitals signs such as blood pressure within seconds of when they were recorded.

  • 2 Blausen Human Atlas
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    Blausen Human Atlas

    This medical atlas of the human body allows the user to manipulate animations with a touch of the finger. Other features include zoom in, zoom out, accompanying narration, and more. The library contains over 7,000 animations and 13,000 illustrations.

  • 3 CardioTeach
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    A free educational resource to help health-care professionals better educate patients and caregivers about therapy options related to cardiovascular and peripheral diseases.

  • 4 drchrono EHR
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    drchrono EHR

    drchrono is certified as a complete electronic health record in accordance with federal incentive programs. The free app allows paperless administrative and clinical functions, including updating of patient meds and appointment scheduling.

  • 5 Medscape
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    Medscape by WebMD provides physicians, medical students, and nurses news and alerts in 34 specialty areas (updated daily). Users can select the specialties they want to follow.

  • 6 Mobile MIM
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    Physicians can download radiological images to the iPad using, an Internet-based service that allows secure upload and download of encrypted medical data.

  • 7 OsiriX HD
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    OsiriX HD

    Another radiological imaging app for the iPad. OsiriX HD can display images from all common imaging modalities, such as ultrasound, CT, MRI or PET scans. Allows rapid switching between image series through single finger screen swipes.

  • 8 Rx-Writer
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    One of several apps for handling prescriptions, Rx-Writer securely faxes patients’ prescriptions from physicians’ iPads to pharmacies. This has the potential to cut down on time spent writing, tracking, researching, and renewing prescriptions.

  • 9 SurgiChart
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    SurgiChart lets surgeons (and their staff members) create a log of all their cases. They can populate the content of each case and use a Virtual Light Board for pre-op planning or sharing with colleagues.

  • 10 VisualDx
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    Popular with medical students, this visual diagnostic decision support system links health care professionals to medical images and information. The system visually presents disease variations by skin type, age, or passage of time.

  • 11 And on the Wish List For 2012: Epocrates
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    One of the best presents iPad users in medicine could get in 2012 is a native iPad version of Epocrates (Epocrates Inc.), the most widely used mobile drug reference among U.S. physicians.


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  • fragnfrak
    2 years 4 months ago

    All of these are great apps, but I can't believe you left off Tigertext.

    This is the only HIPAA compliant way for doctors to text patient info to other doctors, patients or admin without the fear of HIPAA fines.

    Our small hospital recently implemented it, and the doctors love it, easy to use and admin still has control.

    One of the most important medical apps.

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