Activision's 13 top-selling iPad games are dominated by familiar names

by Mike Rougeau

December 11 2013

Activision is one of the top video game publishers in the world, but its tablet game offerings are far weaker than its console video games.

Like EA, Activision is a juggernaut on the video game consoles in the Xbox and PlayStation families. But unlike EA, Activision is apparently having less luck on tablets.

Activision's 13 best-selling iPad games are dominated by familiar names: Skylanders, Call of Duty, Pitfall. But of the top titles on offer from the publisher, three are companion apps that generate no revenue, one is a demo for another game, and several don't register at all in Think Gaming's revenue and ranking estimates.

That said, there are several premium-priced surprises here that cost $4.99 and more. So it seems Activision has had some success turning names like Skylanders and Call of Duty into premium-priced tablet games, but perhaps less success turning those brands into the types of free-to-play money makers that sustain mobile publishers these days.

Click through this slideshow to see which 13 Activion iPad games have "sold" the most, beginning with the top seller. Revenue and ranking estimates provided by Think Gaming. These figures apply only to the U.S. iTunes App Store.

Mike Rougeau is the editor of TabTimes Games. He's based in Los Angeles.

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