Best new iPad Games: read the game '999,' collect 'The Collectables,' and 'Shin Megami Tensei'

by Mike Rougeau

March 21 2014

The best new iPad games this week include some big releases and a few good ports, as well.

First Strike makes nuclear war fun again. Death needs some friends in Deadlings999, Defenders, and Shin Megami Tensei are classics worth revisiting on iOS.

And don't forget about The Collectables, a game hyped up for its graphics like it's 2005 all over again! Click through the slideshow below for all the best new iPad games this week.

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Links & Apps

  • 1 First Strike
    Slide 1

    "A nuclear armageddon is no one’s dream scenario. So choose your steps carefully, it’s a small path between war and peace. FIRST STRIKE is a great strategy simulation featuring snappy gameplay and an intuitive interface that makes dropping the big one as easy as ABC. But be sure to take the right measures to guarantee your people’s safety."

  • 2 Deadlings
    Slide 2

    "Death is lonely and has no friends so he kickstarts the mysterious Project Deadlings! Deadlings offers puzzle-powered arcade action with four different types of zombies to navigate the Grim Reaper’s labs. Over 100+ levels offer challenging puzzles that demand all your braaaaaains. The Deadlings are loose and they need your help!"

  • 3 Perils of Man: Chapter 1
    Slide 3
    Perils of Man: Chapter 1

    "A modern 3D, point and click adventure game. Perils of Man reboots the classic graphic adventure game with a moving story that will leave you pondering its profound implications. Designed by veterans of LucasArts’ classics: The Curse of Monkey Island, The Dig and Full Throttle."

  • 4 Glorkian Warrior: Trials Of Glork
    Slide 4
    Glorkian Warrior: Trials Of Glork

    "Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork is a collaboration between Eisner Award winning cartoonist James Kochalka and indie game studio Pixeljam, makers of the prehistorically epic DINO RUN!"

  • 5 999: The Novel
    Slide 5
    999: The Novel

    "Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors The Novel (999) is a thrilling choose your own path story from acclaimed writer Kotaro Uchikoshi that takes readers on a suspense-filled journey full of danger, terrifying choices, and unexpected twists toward a variety of endings that may or may not see them coming out alive on the other side."

  • 6 Prime World: Defenders
    Slide 6
    Prime World: Defenders

    "Defenders is now available on iOS! Fight off hordes of evil mutants created by a cataclysmic event in Nival’s new tower defense meets collectible card game, Defenders."

  • 7 Jump! Chump!
    Slide 7
    Jump! Chump!

    "Jump and his buddy Chump are under attack! Tap the screen to avoid the enemies and keep them alive for as long as possible!"

  • 8 Dudeski
    Slide 8

    "Race down Shred Lord mountain as an avalanche chases after you. Ski between gates, dodge obstacles, discover the secrets of the mountain, and try making it all the way to the bottom."

  • 9 The Collectables
    Slide 9
    The Collectables

    "Command a crew of renegade soldiers and lead them into explosive combat with strategic precision in The Collectables. In the latest blockbuster from award-winning developer Crytek, you’ll wage war in stunning 3D environments and seek to overthrow a ruthless army known only as “The Enemy”."

  • 10 Shin Megami Tensei
    Slide 10
    Shin Megami Tensei

    "Step away from clear notions of good and evil, right and wrong. There are demons in the world, but whether they are ally or enemy depends on where you stand and what you do. In Tokyo 199X, a mysterious murder leads to the emergence of demons and an escalating global conflict with the rise of a charismatic rebel leader in possession of a demon army, and external forces that wish to crush such threats with extreme measures. You, the protagonist, have an unusual ability enabled by a computer program that lets you communicate with and recruit demons to your side. As you collect demons, the program will allow you to store, summon, and fuse them to create the right team to negotiate the ever-changing balance of powers, and fight for the kind of world you ultimately wish to live in."

  • 11 Globlins
    Slide 11

    "Alien globs are brainwashing your friends. It’s time to burst their bubbles! Save the world from the inside out in GLOBLINS, a goo-busting PUZZLE GAME like no other!"

  • 12 Roll Back Home
    Slide 12
    Roll Back Home

    "Roll the lost ball through underground mazes full of unique physics riddles - a roller coaster ride back home!"

  • 13 pixa
    Slide 13

    "Do you love classic video games from the 8-bit era? Do names like "Pitfall," "Combat," "Adventure," or "Haunted House" bring back warm memories of fuzzy televisions and pixelated landscapes? Pixa offers all the nostalgia of an 8-bit classic with all the polish and depth of a modern hit. It will take you on a smile-inducing quest in true old-school style. Simple. Classic. Engrossing. Try it now!"

  • 14 TriBlaster
    Slide 14

    "Shoot enemies, survive, gain lives and achieve the highest scores possible all in an old school vector style game."


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