The 10 best endless runner, flyer and flapper games on iPad

by Andy Chalk

April 13 2014

These endless iPad games are more fun than parking your car really far away.

If you're going out tonight then you probably don't have much need for this list, but if not, here are ten great endless runners for the iPad might just help you tick away the moments of a dull day.

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Links & Apps

  • 1 Jones On Fire
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    "Kitties are cute and should be saved!" That's the rationale of Jones On Fire, and that's good enough for me. In this quirky, retro-styled runner you play Emma Jones, a fleet-footed firefighter who runs, jumps and slides to stay ahead of a roaring inferno as she rescues kitties across increasingly difficult terrain. It's fast, smooth and totally adorable!

  • 2 Totem Runner
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    When the world is threatened by a malevolent spirit, a brave warrior with the power to transform into a rhino, an eagle and even a dragon rises up to protect it. Totem Runner features silhouetted visuals laid over beautiful backgrounds, and challenges you not just to run, but to fly – and to destroy those who dare stand against you.

  • 3 Temple Run 2
    Slide 3

    The sequel to the hit Temple Run returns with more third-person running, jumping and rope-sliding action. Temple Run 2 serves up new environments and obstacles, plus more power-ups, achievements and special abilities for a madcap treasure-snatching journey that would make Indiana Jones proud.

  • 4 Tiny Wings
    Slide 4
    Tiny Wings

    You're a big fat bird with little tiny wings – so what do you do? Slide down hills, then ramp off the other side and flap like mad! But be careful how you land, because if you don't keep up the speed, you won't get very far. Tiny Wings is actually an older game but it's still one of the best, so if you're new to this tablet business you should definitely give it a try.

  • 5 Bit.Trip Run!
    Slide 5
    Bit.Trip Run!

    The mobile version of the hit PC game, Bit.Trip Run! features gorgeous visuals, 30 regular levels plus 12 "Challenge" and 15 "Retro" levels, eight different playable characters, 40 unlockable costumes and even three boss battles, all wrapped up in an intense, rhythmic soundtrack. And with a free update coming that will add a pile of new content, it'll keep you going for a long time to come.

  • 6 Jetpack Joyride
    Slide 6

    Another golden oldie, Jetpack Joyride is an award-winning game starring Barry Steakfries as a super-spy hero who uses a succession of experimental jetpacks to deliver a right-cross of justice to the wicked chin of evil! Complete missions, collect coins, buy new gear and strike a blow for goodness as you explore the sprawling environs of an underground laboratory filled with traps.

  • 7 Hill Climb Racing
    Slide 7
    Hill Climb Racing

    Take vehicles ranging from Jeeps and SUVs to main battle tanks, double-decker tour buses and even Segways on a journey across landscapes that become increasingly twisted and difficult as you go. Collect coins and use the money to purchase upgrades and open new levels and vehicles. But drive carefully – a bad landing can be very uncomfortable! Simple to play and ridiculously addictive.

  • 8 Robot Unicorn Attack 2
    Slide 8
    Robot Unicorn Attack 2

    Another sequel to another hit game, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 lets you play as something called "Paindeer 2000," and do you really need to know any more than that? Customize your unicorn, unlock 12 special abilities and fly the flag of Team Rainbow or Team Inferno as you battle across two unique worlds that change every day. And you can fly! Yeah, man. Fly.

  • 9 Canabalt
    Slide 9

    The only endless runner that's actually been part of a museum exhibition, this is the game that started it all. Laid over a stark city skyline that manages to be grey and beautiful at the same time, Canabalt is fast, simple and pure, and set a standard for the endless runner genre that has yet to be eclipsed in any meaningful way. If you want to play the best, play the first.

  • 10 Flappy Bird
    Slide 10

    What list of endless runners is complete without Flappy Bird? And although you can't actually get Flappy Bird anymore unless you buy a tablet that has it already installed, there are plenty of clones and knock-offs out there – you might have read something about that recently. I can't imagine why anyone would spend more than 30 seconds of their life on a game like this, but you can't argue with success – so flap, birdie, flap!


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