The 8 best tablet accessories of 2011

by Seamus Bellamy

December 23 2011

Chances are you know a tablet worker. Chances also are that you haven't bought a gift for them yet.

TabTimes admits to being biased in favor of productivity-enhancing apps and business-oriented solutions. But while there’s no denying that the right application can have a profound impact upon the way we work, it is also true that the right peripheral can often have much the same effect.

To this end, we’ve chosen eight excellent tablet accessories that every tablet owner should consider. 

iTouch Gloves: $125, LCG Global

Hyperjuice Micro: $70, Sanho Corporation

Joose Orange Portable Solar Charger: $140, Joos

InvisibleShield: Price varies by device, Zagg

iPad Camera Connection Kit: $29.00, Apple

Toddy Cloth: $10 - $15, Toddy Gear

Arkon Desk & Travel Stand: $18, Arkon

DODOcase: $45 & Up, DodoCase

  • 1 iTouch Gloves
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    Capacitive touch screens don’t play well with conventional glove or mittens, forcing those who need to access their tablet on the go to unsheathe their hands every time they need to tap or swipe an application to life. Unless of course, they have a pair of LCG Global’s iTouch Gloves. With capacitive pads into the end of each glove finger, an iTouch Glove-clad road warrior can finally interact with their tablet without running the risk of frostbite. ($125)

  • 2 Hyperjuice Micro
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    Without power, even the most sophisticated tablet becomes nothing more than an overpriced paperweight. Sanho Corporation’s pocket-sized Hyperjuice Micro can provide iPad owners with up to an additional five hours of power. With its aluminum housing and some premium touches like pass-through charging, multiple case color options and built in overcharging/emperature protection, the Hyperjuice Micro is an excellent battery back-up choice. ($70)

  • 3 Joos Orange Portable Solar Charger
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    There’s a lot to like here—it’s waterproof, it has adjustable legs and a hole that makes for easy hanging, and it comes with a variety of charging adapters. But perhaps the most impressive attribute of the Joos charger is that, even in an empty-power state, it captures and transmits enough energy that you can run a battery depleted tablet off of it while it charges. Pricey, but great. ($140)

  • 4 InvisibleSHIELD
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    ZAGG’s InvisibleSHIELD allows you to sheathe your hardware in an invisible layer of patented military-grade material designed to protect it from scuffs and scratches without hiding its factory fresh good looks. And it's available for a wide variety of tablets. (price varies by device)

  • 5 iPad Camera Connection Kit
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    This kit is comprised of two adapters—one supporting USB connections and the other designed to interface with an SD card—that can be plugged into an iPad’s dock connector port. The connection kit also makes it possible to connect a wide number of devices to your iPad, including USB headsets, external microphones, and some keyboards. ($29.00)

  • 6 Toddy Cloth
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    Toddy Gear’s Toddy cloth is designed to help tech users aesthetically and hygienically. One side of this accessory is coated with a special antimicrobial coating that helps to present the spread of germs and bacteria, while the other has a microfibre finish that’ll let you polish your screen to a high gloss shine. It’s about as high tech as a cleaning cloth can get. ($10 - $15)

  • 7 Arkon Desk & Travel Stand for iPad and iPad 2
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    Like so many other accessories these days, the Arkon Travel Stand is marketed to iPad users, but it's also well-suited for use with other tablets as well. Even with the case on. When not in use, the stand folds up into an easy-to-stow package, making it a perfect companion for your backpack, briefcase or carry-on bag. ($18)

  • 8 DODOcase
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    Handcrafted using traditional bookbinding methods and renewable materials, a DODOcase for your Blackberry Playbook, Kindle Fire or iPad 2 will not only provide a significant amount of bump and scratch protection to your device. It also disguises your tablet as a Moleskine-style book, making it much less attractive a steal to would-be thieves. ($45)


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