5 great iPad apps to keep up to date with the U.S. election

by Doug Drinkwater

November 5 2012

The battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for the U.S. presidency is reportedly going right down to the wire. So with the election set to be decided tomorrow, here are 5 iPad apps to stay up to date.

Links & Apps

  • 1 NBC Politics for iPad
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    NBC Politics for iPad

    NBC’s Politics app is genuinely one of the slickest news apps out there, but it also brings together a whole variety of content, from news and analysis to photos and videos. The app, which also aims to update state election results in real-time, is very interactive and even lets you map out which states you think Romney or Obama will win. There is then the option to share this via email, Facebook or Twitter.

  • 2 American Presidents
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    America Presidents

    American Presidents is a great iPad app for stepping back in time in the lead-up to the election. This well designed app, purpose built for the iPad, lets you view a timeline of America, get facts on each President and see portraits, maps and descriptions from historic events. An adjustable map shows the expansion of the United States over the years, and you can also test your knowledge of politics through a series of quizzes. American Presidents also includes manuscripts of a number of notable speeches, as well as digital copies of The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

  • 3 News Republic
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    Mobile Republic has updated its News Republic app (version 2.3) with a new section dedicated purely to the U.S. election. With this, you can get the latest news from the election from a handful of well-regarded sources (including AP, AFP, and Business Insider), and also dive into stories by keywords by using the ever changing 'TagNav' chart (this serves up popular terms like ‘Barack Obama’, ‘Mitt Romney’ and ‘Swing state’, which link to related articles). As always with News Republic, you could save news articles locally in the ‘my News’ section, and share them with friends via iMessage, Twitter or Mail.

  • 4 Electoral Vote
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    Electoral Vote

    Electoral-Vote.com has been a popular website on election days in 2004 and 2008 for its ability to serve up the latest poll figures, so it is to little surprise that the developer has now launched on iPad. The app itself is pretty simple, driving straight to the website to show states by whether they will vote for the Democrats or Republicans, and it also shows the voting percentage and overall votes throughout all states and the country as a whole (for example, on Monday 5 November the app showed Obama at 294 electoral votes, compared to 220 for Mitt Romney). This data can also be broken down into easy-to-see graphs.

  • 5 Vote!!!
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    If you’re getting a bit sick of all this number crunching and promises from politicians, you could always go for something a little less serious with Vote!!! Made by the creators of the Infinity Blade games, Vote!!! allows you to play as President Obama or Mitt Romney in a battle for the White House, but with a twist. Put simply, you’ll equip your chosen candidate with all kinds of weapons (these include a microphone to The Constitution) and outfits (ranging from a karate costume to boxing attire) and then 'debate' with your opponent in a rather physical encounter. These battles take place on The White House Lawn, the Oval office and the Debate Stage, and you earn points from each shot you land. Points can be traded in for more weapons and increasingly bizarre costumes. The app even has a button to register to vote.


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