5 best weather apps for iPad

by Derek Walter

May 27 2013

Asking about the weather is more than a social pleasantry. Knowing how inclement conditions can impact travel is an essential part of business and regular life. These five iPad apps are both visually impressive and packed with scientific power.

Links & Apps

  • 1 Weather HD
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    Weather HD is the benchmark for engaging images and detailed weather data. The daily forecast has an engaging background with plenty of specific data available for those who want further information about the forecast locally or in another city.

  • 2 Weathercube
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    How does one change up displaying the weather? Put it on a giant cube. Users can then swipe and pinch the cube for further details. Be sure to follow the tutorial to learn all the specific gestures.

  • 3 Fahrenheit
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    While iOS still lacks widgets or live-updating apps, Fahrenheit has found a clever workaround for displaying the temperature. It uses the notification icon to display the current temperature so it is always live on the home screen. It also is a solid weather app in its own right with plenty of maps, radar information and time-lapse videos.

  • 4 NOAA Radar US
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    NOAA Radar U.S.

    NOAA Radar US is for the true weather geek. It has an impressive amount of Dopper radar data, satellite images and scientific information about severe weather storms.

  • 5 Weather Station World
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    Weather Station World

    Weather Station World has the right combination of specific weather details and a minimalist interface. It calls to mind the weather station devices of the past that would collect data from one's backyard patio.


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