The Tabby Awards winners: The best 24 tablet apps for consumers

August 27 2013

Here are the 24 apps selected by an international panel of independent judges among the over 150 consumer apps from more than a dozen countries submitted to the first Tabby Awards competition. Congratulations to all the winners.

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  • 1 Education category
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    Thesaurus Rex by

    Thesaurus Rex by, for iPad (, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Just when you thought you couldn't update a Thesaurus, they went and did it. Very cool filtering, sorting, difficulty and other features. Easy to use and quick. This is a really cool modern take on the thesaurus. Very simple to use with great results and a must have for students.”

  • 2 Entertainment category
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    Narr8, for iPad (NARR8, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Very cool platform. I was impressed by all of the subtle feature designs. I especially love the use of motion design for the comics.”

  • 3 Family & Kids category
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    Nick Jr. Draw & Play

    Nick Jr. Draw & Play, for iPad (Nickelodeon, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Wow! This is an amazing array of drawing and coloring tools. Wonderful, thorough and delightful drawing app. Excellent design and thoughtfulness. I would recommend this for ANY and every toddler.”

  • 4 Game - Arcade & Action category
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    Badland, for iOS (Frogmind, Finland) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Artsy, mesmerizing, and really really fun. Incredible to look at! Ingenious mechanics that made me interested in a side scroller for the first time in a while. A beautiful game and a fun time waster.”

  • 5 Game - Brain & Puzzle category
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    Where’s my water?

    Where’s my Water?, for iOS (Disney Interactive, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “This game takes the best elements of Flow Free, Cut the Rope and others and combines them into something that kids enjoy and keep working at. It's cute and well made. A classic mobile game that is not only fun but requires science and logic.”

  • 6 Game - Casual, Board, Cards category
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    Big Fish Casino

    Big Fish Casino, for iOS (Big Fish Games, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Cool multiplayer and friends environment. Nice graphics. Multiple games to choose from.”

  • 7 Game – RPG, Simulation & Strategy category
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    Pixel People

    Pixel People, for iOS (Chillingo, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “This is a cute and well done SIM game. The discovery of new clones is a terrifically compelling mechanic.”

  • 8 Game - Sports and Racing category
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    CSR Racing, for iOS (NaturalMotion, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “An intensely addicting game! The game utilizes the avatar (your car) better than probably any other game ever. Kudos. The desire to spend money is so innately built-in that you don't even notice it. And the graphics, variation of game play and levels are top notch. Amazing graphics. Very slick, great sense of aspiration, just the right amount of twitch and RPG play. Best tuned game on the app store.”

  • 9 Lifestyle & Food category
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    Interior Design for iPad

    Interior Design for iPad, for iOS (Black Mana Studios, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “A helpful tool that lets you create your dream interior design. This app is highly original and a great tool for amateur and, presumably, professional designers. Great design app for home projects... wish I had that months ago for one of my own :)”

  • 10 Magazines category
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    National Geographic
    Free (in-app purchases)

    National Geographic, for iOS (National Geographic Society, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “A great magazine in general with good tablet-specific content. An excellent use of digital technologies to showcase the publication's content, by combining videos, maps and other interactive forms of content.”

  • 11 Medical category
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    Virtual Human Body

    Virtual Human Body, for iOS (QA International, Canada) The Tabby Awards judges said: “This is a very intricate and detailed app, and it's easy to navigate and explore. Wonderful, understandable graphics. Incredible detail, with simple navigation and tap user interface. An excellent tool.”

  • 12 Music category
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    AUX Magazine

    AUX Magazine, for iOS (Blue Ant Media, Canada) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Playful music magazine with some good interactivity. Good use of sound both in editorial content and adverts. Also nice photo and a special gem in the "Cat reviews music" section. A little bit of fun and lots of good music along the way. You can feel that they are having fun while making this magazine. As I'm a musician, I enjoyed this mag. Every few pages offered a different experience.”

  • 13 News category
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    The Wider Image

    Reuters - The Wider Image, for iOS (Thomson Reuters, UK) The Tabby Awards judges said: “This powerful photo app tells the stories of the world through images. It’s a great news app with interesting content. The photography combined with sound, about the situation or how the photographer took the picture, makes very powerful storytelling.”

  • 14 Personal Finance category
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    Westpac NZ Mobile Banking for iPad

    Westpac NZ Mobile Banking for iPad, for iOS (Westpac New Zealand, New Zealand) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Nice visuals, simple to use. It delivers a solid customer user experience.”

  • 15 Personal Productivity category
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    Note Anytime

    Note Anytime, for iOS (MetaMoJi, Japan) The Tabby Awards judges said: “A really good note taking app. Many useful features including PDF export. And also very good for handwriting and cool 3D features.”

  • 16 Photo, Art & Creativity category
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    Keepshot, for iOS (MyPublisher, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Good, nice app that performs really well. The handwriting feature is good. Clean UI. Good value for user.”

  • 17 Reference category
    Slide 17 Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPad
    Free Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPad, for iOS (, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Solid, well done 'electrification' of the dictionary. It's easy to navigate and use, well done voice command system. A valuable reference app.”

  • 18 Shopping category
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    Groupon HD, for iOS (Groupon, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Solid shopping app. Nice design. A great concept that is easy is use. Best part is bringing up my Groupons.”

  • 19 Social category
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    ooVoo Video Chat, for Android (ooVoo, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Useful app with several communications choices. I have used ooVoo for a while and really like it. This is a really cool app - mostly because of how they've offloaded the heavy processing (video especially) to the cloud. Well done.”

  • 20 Sports & Fitness category
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    Dartfish Express

    Dartfish Express, for iOS (Dartfish, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Interesting idea. A useful and intuitive tool for recording your athletic performances. Nice, simple to use app.”

  • 21 Travel & Transportation category
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    Hotel Tonight, for iOS (DealBase, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Great travel/booking app that is very useful, geographically correct, and easy to use. Clean design, very attractive user interface based on visual presentation of each city and each hotel.”

  • 22 Utilities & Tools category
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    CloudOn, for iOS (CloudOn, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “CloudOn is a nice tool for accessing desktop productivity software. Nice interface. Intuitive. Fast syncing toward Dropbox. The download stats clearly demonstrate the commercial need. Very useful for executives on the go!”

  • 23 Video category
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    History, for iOS (Bottle Rocket Apps, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “If you are a fan of the programming, this is a more comfortable way to catch up. Simple, polished. Probably the best and fastest switching between portrait/landscape on a tablet. Awesome!”

  • 24 Weather category
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    WeatherBug, for Android (Earth Networks, USA) The Tabby Awards judges said: “Full featured and well designed app that's easy to use. The Android version is pretty good and works well on different screen sizes and devices.”


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