The Tabby Awards /Business 2013 winners: The best 18 tablet apps for work

November 13 2013

Here are the 18 apps selected by an international panel of independent judges among the more than 150 business apps from more than a dozen countries submitted to this year’s Tabby Awards /Business competition. Congratulations to all the winners.

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  • 1 Winner: Best Collaboration
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    Fuze lets you host and manage online meetings with up to 12 HD-quality video streams. The judges said: “Fuze is a very nice app. It was very quick to get setup, start a meeting and invite others. LOVE the ability to use touchscreen on viewer device if presenter presents from an iPad.”

  • 2 Winner: Best Communications
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    ClickMeeting Online Meetings

    ClickMeeting Videoconferencing is an online meetings and webinars platform. The judges said: “Definitely a winner for this category. There are nice features to the application, the controls are easy to find, and drop downs are clear.”

  • 3 Winner: Best Creation and design
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    Concepts: Smarter Sketching is an artistic sketching and drafting app. The judges said: “No reservations about declaring this one a winner. After testing for the preliminary round, along with about 30 other apps, this is the only one I didn't delete.”

  • 4 Winner: Best Data access and collection
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    Citrix ShareFile is a secure file sharing, file transfer, sync and storage app. The judges said: “WINNER! Very intuitive, the desktop dashboards and ability to share documents instantaneously was very good. The menus on the tablet were not overwhelming, and the speed of the App was good.”

  • 5 Winner: Best Education and training
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    Curious is an education app that uses video to instruct. The judges said: “Easy to use. True to the category and well-executed. It’s a well done training/education app with a wonderful concept and approach to lifelong learning modules at your fingertips.”

  • 6 Winner: Best Finance
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    Kashoo is an online small business accounting app. The judges said: “If you are a small business this app appears to do everything you want. The reporting is nice and it is easy to see how your customers are doing and your account issues to. It is easy to understand, configure, and well-designed, especially on the iPad.”

  • 7 Winner: Best Government, institution and public service
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    AsdeqDocs is a mobile document management app. The judges said: “Nicely designed application and features. The structure to view files and retrieve files was effective, easy to read and access. For people who are searching for a server-controlled CMS connector, this is a very nice product.”

  • 8 Winner: Best Healthcare and pharmaceutical
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    SAP EMR Unwired

    SAP EMR Unwired is a mobile app for Windows tablets for physicians and nurses, where they can access patient data. The judges said: “I really like it. It provides a user friendly and innovative approach. I could see this changing the game for healthcare practices. This app enables medical staff to pull digital assets, records, and documents on-demand.”

  • 9 Winner: Best In-the-field
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    AutoCAD 360 is a drawing and drafting mobile app that allows you to view, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings. The judges said: “This is a complex concept, and the app handles it very nicely. Great UI, and also flexible features that make it very appealing. Designers will finally have the ability to work with their projects rather than remaining disconnected.”

  • 10 Winner: Best Intelligence, information and reference
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    MicroStrategy Mobile for iPad

    MicroStrategy Mobile allows companies to build and deploy information-driven apps. The judges said: “Amazing! A superb and powerful data analytics app and certainly great applications for retail. MicroStrategy Mobile has done an amazing job developing an application that can make the concept of data visualization, more mainstream.”

  • 11 Winner: Best IT or business tool
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    tibbr is a business-focused social network app. The judges said: “Tibbr scores high on innovation and it's organic and social approach to getting work done, particularly project work done by mobile Gen-Y engineers, developers, creative, and professional services. This tool has the potential to enhance collaboration and productivity of team.”

  • 12 Winner: Best Marketing
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    Tecan Cavro Omni Robot Configurator

    Tecan Cavro Omni Robot Configurator is an instrument design assistant app. The judges said: “One of my favorites overall. Visual 3D configuration and visualization is the highest order application of a tablet in sales and marketing. I also applaud a company developing their own innovative app and vision for the client experience. I am a fan.”

  • 13 Winner: Best Presentation
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    SlideShark is a PowerPoint presentation app for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The judges said: “This app helps iOS devices overcome shortcomings in the ability to view PowerPoint files the way they were originally developed. I like the ability for the app to support analytics, remote viewing, links, and other features.”

  • 14 Winner: Best Productivity
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    SlideShark is a PowerPoint presentation app for Pad, iPhone or iPod touch. The judges said: “Winner for this category, in my vote. Quick to get up and running, and the right amount of tools to make it useful out of the box. They're not overdoing it with 20 different annotation tools.

  • 15 Winner: Best Retail
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    Revel POS Retail

    Revel Systems is a mobile point-of-sale and cash register app. The judges said: “Brilliant! Great concept and strategy. Great fit for the retail category.”

  • 16 Winner: Best Sales
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    The Proposal

    The Proposal is a tablet app that can generate sales estimates and proposals. The judges said: “I would recommend this app as a winner. Proposals are the lifeblood of a small business. The navigation is clean and intuitive. The ability to save Presets is not only a time saver, but promotes efficiency as well.”

  • 17 Winner: Best Business products and services
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    Cubetto is a is a business process modeling app. The judges said: “Very solid and useful business app. worth paying for if these are tools you need. This can be a huge time saver and increase effectiveness. Good visual configuration.”

  • 18 Winner: Best Consumer products and services
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    SAP Retail Execution

    SAP Retail Execution is a consumer product manufacturer and retail execution app. “This app literally integrates meetings, contacts and product catalogs with the Android tablet to organize the salesperson with little to no learning curve. The navigation of the app and menus was efficient, good color scheme and design.”


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