The best new features of Nexus 7 & Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

by Ray Aguilera

June 30 2012

There's a lot to like about Google's new Jelly Bean. Get a first look at new features in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and the Nexus 7 tablet.

Ray Aguilera is the Technology Editor of TabTimes and is based in San Francisco

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  • 1 Resizable widgets
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    Your Home screen will automatically adjust to accommodate new widgets, and if you need more space, you can re-size individual widgets to adjust the fit.

  • 2 Improved notifications
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    The new Notifications pane includes more in-depth information, including expandable alerts. A missed call will offer a button to make a return call, and you can tap on emails to reply.

  • 3 Google Now
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    Once you opt-in to Google Now, your tablet will pay attention to where you go and what you search for, offering useful information in a card layout. Find restaurants, weather, and other local information automatically, and more info is just a tap away.

  • 4 Magazines
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    Magazines are now available in the Google Play store. You can subscribe or purchase single copies. Android 4.1 offers smooth page navigation, and two-page spreads look great on the Nexus 7's 1200 x 800 pixel screen.

  • 5 Nexus 7 screen
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    At 216 pixels per inch, the Nexus 7's screen isn't as sharp as the iPad's 264 ppi Retina display, but on-screen text is plenty sharp.

  • 6 Incremental updates
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    Android 4.1 offers incremental app updates, which will make downloading updates much faster and save users on data charges. Rather than downloading an entirely new package, Jelly Bean will only download the parts that have changed. Google expects this to cut down on the size of updates by 30%.


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