10 best iPad medical and healthcare apps

by Ray Aguilera

December 30 2012

Healthcare goes high tech, with these iPad apps designed to help medical practitioners and students alike.

Ray Aguilera is a freelance writer and editor in San Francisco, CA.
  • 1 Pocket Pharmacist
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    Pocket Pharmacist

    Pocket Pharmacist is a complete guide to drug interactions. It's also got an included medical dictionary, pill identifier, searchable database of symptoms, and information about various herbs and supplements.

  • 2 Visual Anatomy
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    Visual Anatomy

    This interactive visual guide contains more than 700 feature points, each with a label and description. Gray's Anatomy images have also been added, making Visual Anatomy a complete resource for physicians, students, scientists, and anyone else who needs a comprehensive view of the human body.

  • 3 AirStrip Patient Monitoring
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    AirStrip Patient Monitoring

    AirStrip brings patient monitoring systems to physicians' mobile devices, including iPads and Android-based tablets. AirStrip allows clinicians to check on patients’ vitals signs such as blood pressure within seconds of when they were recorded.

  • 4 Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D
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    Muscle and Bone Anatomy 3D

    This app features seven different 3D models of the human body, along with 37 different body action animations complete with notes and comments for each one. Details for 145 different muscles include names, actions, origins, nerves, and more.

  • 5 Medscape
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    Medscape provides physicians, medical students, and nurses news and alerts in 34 specialty areas, updated daily. Users can select the specialties they want to follow. The app also includes details on more than 8,000 name-brand and prescription drugs, as well as a medical calculator and access to more than 600 procedural videos.

  • 6 Mobile MIM
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    MIMcloud.com is an Internet-based service that allows physicians to securely store encrypted medical data and images. With Mobile MIM on an iPad, you can view SPECT, PET, CT, MRI, and X-Ray images, and annotate and use measurement tools as needed.

  • 7 drchrono EHR
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    drchrono EHR

    For healthcare providers, drchrono EHR offers a complete patient record system. Everything from prescriptions to medical records and patient billing is at your fingertips with this comprehensive solution.

  • 8 RX Writer
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    Rx-Writer securely faxes patients’ prescriptions from physicians’ iPads to pharmacies, saving time, and making it easier to track and renew prescriptions. The free version supports up to 250 patients for 60 days. In-app purchase options unlock full functionality.

  • 9 SurgiChart
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    SurgiChart lets surgeons and other medical staff create a electronic patient logs, right from the iPad. A Virtual Light Board allows for pre-op planning or sharing with colleagues. The app is secure and HIPAA-compliant, and offers monthly and yearly subscription options after the free 30-day trial period.

  • 10 Visual DX
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    This visual diagnostic decision support system links health care professionals to medical images and diagnostic information intended to validate diagnoses. The app visually presents disease variations by skin type, age, or passage of time.


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