10 best iPad financial apps

by Ray Aguilera

January 3 2013

Keep an eye on your bottom line with these financial apps.

Ray Aguilera is a freelance writer and editor in San Francisco, CA.
  • 1 Square Register
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    Square turns your iPad into a complete point of sale system. It's great for both small and large businesses, and offers affordable flat rates for credit card processing. Square uses a card reader that plugs into your iPad's jack, or customers can pay with cash or the companion Square app.

  • 2 Sales Navigator
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    Sales Navigator

    Sales Navigator is an indispensable tool for planning your schedule. The app brings your contacts, calendars, and maps together in a single interface. Use it to plan routes for sales calls, or to find clients nearby when you're headed to a specific location. Sales Navigator integrates with your existing Calendar and Contacts databases, so you can add & edit data on the fly.

  • 3 Numbers
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    $9.99 (free for new devices)

    It's made by Apple, so of course Numbers takes full advantage of the iPad's capabilities. Your TPS reports have never looked better, with well-designed templates for all sorts of data—and of course they're all completely customizable on your iPad. Use Numbers with or without the companion Mac app, since numbers can also export as Excel, CSV, or PDF files.

  • 4 StockTouch
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    StockTouch gives you a bird's-eye view of the stock market, tracking stocks over nine market sectors, and using a "heat-map" format to give you a data-heavy perspective that's simple to slice and dice. The app updates every five minutes, and accesses historical data going back five years. Easily track your favorite stocks, and zoom in to see more detailed performance information and related news.

  • 5 Bloomberg Anywhere
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    Bloomberg Anywhere

    Bloomberg subscribers can stuff a Bloomberg terminal into their briefcase with Bloomberg Anywhere on your iPad. The app features access to core Markets, News, Quotes, Charts, and more. You can also run thousands of functions available on Bloomberg.

  • 6 Hewlett Packard 12c Financial Calculator
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    Hewlett Packard 12c Financial Calculator

    HP's 12-C financial calculator has been in production since 1981, and is the de facto standard in the finance industry. The iOS version faithfully replicates the form and function of this classic device, down to the very retro gold-tone faceplate.

  • 7 Soulver for iPad
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    Soulver for iPad

    Soulver is a calculator that (almost) speaks English. You can type your calculations using words and numbers, and Soulver keeps a running total. It's great for compound calculations, as well as testing out variables to see how small changes could affect your bottom line. In addition to standard math, Soulver can also tackle hexadecimal and binary calculations.

  • 8 BlackGold
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    If your business—or investments—rely on commodities like crude oil, gold, silver, or natural gas, BlackGold can keep an eye on prices for you. Prices are updated in near-realtime, and the app features useful charts as well as updated news for specific industries.

  • 9 Expensify
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    Filing expense reports is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks. Expensify can simplify the process by automatically pulling in purchase info from your bank or credit card accounts. You can also track expenses by snapping photos of receipts and Expensify will fill in the data for you. For frequent business travelers, the time saved is priceless, as is the app itself.

  • 10 Economy for iPad
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    Economy for iPad

    Economy taps into The Fed's Federal Reserve Economic Data APIs to bring you crucial economic data as it's updated. Analyze everything from GDP and inflation to currency exchange rates and housing data. The app is full of graphs to chart data over time, and state-level data on five key indicators gives a deeper picture.


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