10 best iPad collaboration apps

by Ray Aguilera

January 4 2013

Be a team player, with the help of your iPad and these apps that keep collaboration seamless.

Ray Aguilera is a freelance writer and editor in San Francisco, CA.
  • 1 Filemaker Go 12 for iPad
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    FileMaker Go 12 for iPad

    Filemaker Go takes all your desktop Filemaker databases, and puts them in the palms of your hands. You can live-edit databases hosted on Filemaker Server, or download local copies direct to your device for the ultimate in portability.

  • 2 Dropbox
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    Before there was iCloud, there was Dropbox. And owing to Dropbox's simplicity and ubiquity, it's in many ways still the best cloud-syncing option for your mobile device. You can easily mirror files across devices and platforms, and many great iOS apps use Dropbox as the backbone to their syncing system. With both free and paid plans, you can't afford not to try it.

  • 3 SharePlus
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    SharePlus offers secure SharePoint browsing from anywhere. The app supports all Content Types, and there's native support for Office files. To ease collaboration, you can share documents via email, or send a link.

  • 4 Google Drive
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    If you're heavily invested in Google's ecosystem, Google Drive is a fantastic way to view, edit, and sync your online documents to your iPad. Google Docs handles word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as photos and more. Simple uploading and downloading to your device makes Google Drive easier to use than iTunes' native file syncing, with the advantage of online access.

  • 5 Box
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    Box helps avoid the chaos of emailing files back and forth between group members. With a Box account, you can share files, collaborate on changes, and keep everyone on your team up to date—all from your iPad. File-level password protection keeps your critical data secure, and Box offers easy sharing via unique links. Box also supports a plethora of third-party apps to extend its usability.

  • 6 Skype
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    When you can't be there in person, use Skype to help you conduct meetings. Initiate free calls to other Skype users or make paid calls to landlines. With video conferencing instant message and telephone capabilities all under one roof the Skype app on your iPad is a great communication tool that works over Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

  • 7 Cisco WebEx Meetings
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    Cisco WebEx Meetings

    Thanks to the iPad's front-facing camera, you can collaborate with desktop-based colleagues via video conference thanks to WebEx. The app features voice recognition that automatically switches the spotlight to the current speaker. You can even host meetings from your iPad, including scheduling, inviting participants, and passing presenter capabilities to another attendee.

  • 8 Podio
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    Podio combines project management tools, internal communications, a CMS system, and many other essential business tools into a single online platform. Podio's App Market contains add-ons to handle everything from marketing to HR tasks, and you can take the whole thing with you via Podio's iPad app.

  • 9 Yammer
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    Yammer is like a private version of Twitter— a private social network for your business so that you can keep your entire team up to date. Paid accounts offer additional features, but basic messaging services are free, and only team members with verified corporate email addresses can join your Yammer network.

  • 10 Vablet Office
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    Vablet Office

    Vablet is a secure content management system built for enterprise. Push documents to iOS devices, and ensure that everyone on your team is working with the latest versions. Documents can be expired or revoked any time, allowing complete control over sensitive information. Group functions allow managers to send different data to a single device, a particular group, or all users in your network.


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  • ugartabtimes
    1 year 9 months ago

    MS Lync and Lotus Sametime respectively, on mobile devices, without losing funtionality.

  • ugartabtimes
    1 year 9 months ago

    I'd like to add Damaka's solutions to the mix. Their apps, Xavy and Xime allow you to seamlessly login to

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