5 iPad apps to help you beat the summer blues

by Derek Walter

July 20 2013

Many of the summertime traditions such as barbecuing or exploring the outdoors can get a boost from some excellent iPad apps. Explore these options for making refreshing beverages, conquering the grill, or heading out for a getaway.

  • 1 Weber's On the Grill for iPad
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    Weber's On the Grill for iPad

    Without getting it too close to the flame, bring your iPad out to the grill for some tasty meal options and excellent grilling advice. This app includes detailed recipes, complete with an ingredients list and guidelines for how many people it will serve. There are several videos included for a more detailed walk-through.

  • 2 Martha Stewart Makes Cocktails
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    Martha Stewart Makes CockTails

    Apparently when she isn’t redesigning a room Martha Stewart doubles as a bartender. This app offers plenty of beverages that will cool and delight during warm summer days. It looks great on the iPad with plenty of visuals and detailed instructions for those who may be uneasy about their libation skills.

  • 3 National Parks by National Geographic
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    National Parks by National Geographic

    Most Americans live within 100 miles of a National Park, according to the Park Service. This app powered by National Geographic will help you get there and scout out what to do beforehand. It has an excellent database of detailed maps, a space to track your travels and impressive photo galleries.

  • 4 Fotopedia Heritage
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    Fotopedia Heritage

    If you are looking to go further away, Fotopedia can serve as an inspiration for travel with its impressive image bank. While Fotopedia offers over a dozen iPad apps, start with Fotopedia Heritage for beautiful slide shows and travel planning tools.

  • 5 Barefoot World Atlas
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    Barefoot World Atlas

    This $4.99 app was recently free during the App Store’s five-year anniversary celebration. Now back at full price, it is still a worthwhile purchase for perusing travel destinations on an iPad. It bests Google Earth in many ways by offering unique cultural insights and travel suggestions. This app is a great way to discuss past trips during a barbecue or as a way to virtually travel while enjoying a cool summer evening.


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