5 great iPad apps to get you ready for school

by Derek Walter

August 18 2013

No longer should back to school preparation involve only paper supplies or computer software. A good plan for readiness also means ensuring that one's iPad is loaded up with the most effective apps.

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  • 1 Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus HD
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    Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus HD

    Sure, you can always Google a word, but what about when your class is in that basement dungeon that can't connect to WiFi? This app from the venerable Merriam-Webster puts a full-featured dictionary and thesaurus on your iPad. Unlike the free version it contains no advertisements and has many power features that justify the $3.99 cost. Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus HD saves your recent searches, offers voice search and uses a scrolling index for casual word discovery.

  • 2 iHomework
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    While there are plenty of organizational and note-taking tools in the App Store, iHomework is geared specifically toward students. It has many options for keeping track of assignments, due dates, and staying organized in general. With iCloud integration data can stay synced among an iPhone and iPad version.

  • 3 Pocket
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    Pocket has become the DVR for the web. It is the best cross-platform tool for clipping articles that need to be read later or just saved for general reference. You can tag and categorize articles if saving them as part of a research project. They can also be tagged and are reformatted for distraction-free reading. The iPad app has improved the sharing tools making it easy to send an article to another’s Pocket.

  • 4 Notability
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    Handwritten notes sometimes still work best, and Notability is tops in this department. It is more than just a blank slate for scribbling, as you can import PDF files, Word documents, images, and other file types for annotation. It also includes word processing tools like bullets, outlining and text boxes if you are combining handwritten notes and typed text.

  • 5 Articles
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    Articles for iPad

    Ever wished for a dedicated Wikipedia app? Articles nicely packages Wikipedia content into an iPad-friendly application. Sure, many of your professors may frown upon using Wikipedia as a reference citation, but there is still no better way to quickly get background information on a subject. The app adds some nice visual flourishes to enhance the usually spartan look of the Wikipedia web site.


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