5 iPad apps that will help you get things done

by Derek Walter

August 23 2013

Quip is designed for simple text creation

Sometimes it takes more than a simple to-do list to get things done. Many task management apps for the iPad have moved beyond the traditional ticking of the boxes and offer clever interfaces for keeping you focused. The following well-designed applications are all available in the App Store and promise to be an essential tool in conquering both meaningful and laborious tasks.

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  • 1 Quip
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    Quip seeks to rethink mobile productivity. While much of its target is replacing Office as a word processor, Quip has incredible tools for managing tasks through collaborative or personal lists. It has an excellent interface that is consistent across platforms, so it looks nearly identical on the iPad as it does on the desktop. Users can quickly add bulleted lists or checkboxes to keep track of tasks. Sharing is built in with an easy-to-follow conversation interface. While the iPad app is free for individuals, the service is $12 per month for each user with the company's business plan. An organization can add up to 250 users at this rate.

  • 2 Wunderlist
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    Wunderlist has long been one of the top task management tools for iOS. Its simple interface and syncing across iOS and Mac give it an edge for anyone that just wants a simple application for making lists. Wunderlist comes with some pre-configured templates, or you can start anew. Better yet if you don't want yet another online account, you can use the app without signing in.

  • 3 Morning
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    If you are looking for a more general overview of what your day holds with a snazzy interface, then check out Morning. It includes customizable panels that can keep you updated on reminders, news, calendar events, stocks, and other areas of information. There is clearly some inspiration from the modern/flat UI movement, and that isn’t a bad thing.

  • 4 Grid
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    Grid by Binary Thumb

    Grid by Binary Thumb is a flexible app as it will hold images, notes, or other content. The name hints at the interface, which houses content in quick-to-access tiles. It has some hints of Evernote, with a far more pleasing interface and less bloated infrastructure.

  • 5 Drafts
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    Drafts for iPad

    Drafts is a rapid way to create text and then move it into any of a large number of connected applications. It can serve as a central hub for collected thoughts which can then be aggregated later. It is great for quickly tapping out an idea, but then deciding to create a shared note, a new iMessage or add it to a productivity app like Dropbox.


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