Get organized! The 5 best iPad calendar & scheduling apps

by Derek Walter

September 6 2013

An effective iPad calendar app is more than just a digital version of a paper calendar. For some it has evolved to be an important digital assistant.

The following choices are some exemplary applications for keeping one's calendar together and keeping track of essential meetings, recurring events, or those dreaded conference calls.

  • 1 Calendars+ by Readdle
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    Calendars by Readdle

    If there is one calendar that has a strong enough feature set to replace the default Calendar app, it is Calendars+ by Readdle. At $6.99, it may feel on the expensive side, but hardcore Google apps or Exchange users will find the more extensive customization features welcome. Users can customize notifications and more quickly set events using the app’s custom keyboard.

  • 2 CalPad
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    While the interface will need some updating once iOS 7 is distributed to the masses, CalPad has a lot that power users will like. Users can color coordinate various elements of the calendars and further customize fonts and other appearance elements.

  • 3 Crosscheck
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    For a calendar that goes beyond just keeping dates, consider Crosscheck. It has a strong set of task management capabilities for those who like to keep their to-do lists closely tied to deadlines. It also uses a unique shorthand - use a hashtag for tagging items or the @ symbol to assign them.

  • 4 Pocket Informant Pro
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    Pocket Informant Pro

    This is a good all-in-one option for those who like their contacts, calendar, and tasks all contained in one application. The productivity-targeted feature set is geared toward those who must juggle multiple meetings or events during a day.

  • 5 SaiSuke HD
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    SaiSuke HD

    SalSuke HD one scores a spot on the list for its diversity of interface options. While not as feature packed as other third-party calendar apps, Saisuke is great to look at and lets the content and design serve as the focus. If you have to open a calendar app several times per day, at least it should be worth looking at. There is a lite version available for those who want to try it out first before paying the full $9.99.


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