7 spooky apps to get your iPad Halloween-ready

by Derek Walter

October 26 2013

Bring Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin to your iPad.

A strange luminescence begins to form on your iPad. Unusual icons appear. The device emits sounds never before heard.

No, it isn’t iOS 7. It’s just an iPad that loaded up with Halloween apps. You can bring some family-friendly spookiness to your iPad by grabbing these apps from the App Store.

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  • 1 It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
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    It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    The classic Charlie Brown short has been re-imagined in a storybook format for the iPad with narration from Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie Brown. Dress up the characters in a choice of costumes and engage in other interactive scenes, such as the memorable moment when Snoopy rises from the pumpkin patch. The app is $5.99 and has been lauded with the App of the Week title from Apple.

  • 2 Find My Friends
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    Find My Friends

    Find My Friends can be put to use to keep track of your trick-or-treater if they are out with a group of friends or another family. You can tell the app to send you a push notice when who you are tracking leaves or arrives at a particular location. For a cross-platform alternative consider Life360, however it is not optimized for the iPad screen.

  • 3 Shoot the Zombirds
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    Shoot the Zombirds

    Shooting zombies is always a great way to get in the Halloween spirit. Even better is taking out flying zombie birds. This highly addictive game has you blasting undead fowl from the sky. It is also loaded up with plenty of tempting in-app purchases to upgrade your weapons or add visual effects.

  • 4 Plants vs. Zombies
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    Plants vs. Zombies

    This original was one of the first games to launch on the iPad, drawing curious customers to explore the new possibilities in gaming that a touch-screen tablet could provide. Its success spawned a recent sequel, which offers the same kind of additictive gameplay. You must strategically use weaponized plant life to fight off a horde of impending zombies.

  • 5 The Thirty-Nine Steps
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    The Thirty-Nine Steps

    Based on the classic espionage novel this app rethinks the interactive story model. You play through the storyline as Richard Hannay, who is racing to solve a murder for which he was framed in 1914 London. The game's macabre environment and dark imagery make it the perfect companion for the Halloween season.

  • 6 Brusheez
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    In order to avoid multiple cavities, children will definitely need to do some serious teeth-brushing at the end of Halloween night. Encourage them with Brusheez, which allows kids to customize a monster and then brush their teeth like mad. Hopefully this will then result in improving their own brushing behavior.

  • 7 Zedge
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    To really outfit your iPad out for Halloween explore the wide variety of wallpapers offered in Zedge. Popular choices include Howling Storm, Creepy Ghost and Zombie Hands. Ring tones are also offered if you want to go all in with the creepy effects.


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