10 Best iPad Apps for Office Productivity

by Derek Walter

December 23 2013

The interest in tablet productivity continues to grow across a variety of industries. App developers are meeting that need with a diversity of tools for getting things done. Here's our pick for the ten best apps for putting your iPad to work (part of TabTimes' Best 100 iPad apps guide).

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  • 1 Quip
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    Quip seeks to rethink office productivity by de-emphasizing the need for attachments and file formats and more on collaboration and a flexible writing space. That doesn't mean Quip doesn't create some pretty good-looking documents, because it does so very well. The interface is nearly identical across mobile and desktop, making the workflow seamless.

  • 2 Expensify for iPad
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    Forget trying to keep track of receipts by getting them lost in a bag or scrolling through your camera stream to find the latest picture. Snap an image with Expensify and in a few steps the process is done.

  • 3 Numbers
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    $9.99 (free for new devices)

    Numbers got an overhaul for iOS 7 and a new price: free. That is only, however, if downloading Numbers from a brand new iOS device. Even for $9.99, Numbers does an admirable job of creating detailed spreadsheets which can also be converted to an Excel-compliant format.

  • 4 StoryDesk
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    StoryDesk is a presentation tool that is built specifically for business. The advantage here is the templates, formatting and other design elements are geared toward presentations to clients. Also included are various collaboration features to help team members stay connected.

  • 5 Scanner Pro by Readdle
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    Scanner Pro by Readdle

    Quit dragging documents over to the scanner. Digitize multiple files with Scanner Pro by Readdle, which does an excellent job of capturing a document's image and allowing you to save it across several key applications.

  • 6 iThoughts HD
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    iThoughts HD

    Sometimes employees just need some brainstorming before real productivity can take place. The iThoughts HD app is a perfect tool, as it creates a blank space for mind maps or other methods to flush out ideas.

  • 7 GoToMeeting
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    GoToMeeting is one of the most popular ways for businesses to host virtual meetings. The app allows you to join or create such an event directly from your iPad. You can also view presentations, mockups, or anything else projected on screen.

  • 8 Boxer
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    Third-party mail apps have become super popular in the App Store, as Apple has done very little to iterate the stock Mail app. An appealing option for business users is Boxer, as it handles Microsoft Exchange email as well as accounts from other popular services, such as Gmail or Yahoo.

  • 9 Mail+ for Outlook
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    Mail+ for Outlook

    The overhaul to the Mail app on iOS 7 was mostly cosmetic, leaving power email users looking elsewhere. A stronger option is Mail+ for Outlook, which has some features that connect better for those using Exchange=powered email.

  • 10 Quickoffice
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    Since being acquired by Google, the Mountain View company has sought to build up Quickoffice as a business-friendly Office competitor. It does a fairly admirable job at creating files complaint with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The longer that Microsoft waits to create a proper Office app for the iPad, the more Quickoffice will fill an important niche.


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