5 Best iPad Apps for Sports and Fitness

by Derek Walter

December 25 2013

Whether you are looking to step up your exercise game or just want to stay connected to favorite sports, there is no shortage of apps for the iPad. Check out our top five picks here. 

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  • 1 Yahoo! Sports
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    Yahoo! Sports

    Yahoo! is focusing on its content company wide, and its Sports app is a good example of this. Sign in with your account to customize the app with favorite teams and to see news from across the world of sports.

  • 2 Lose It!
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    Whether the goal is weight loss or just healthier eating habits, Lose It! is an excellent tool for quantifying food intake and setting goals. Create an account with Lose It so the information stays in sync between your iPad and smartphone.

  • 3 FitStar: Tony Gonzalez
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    If you are going to invest in an app that promises a personal trainer, may as well go with one who was well-known for catching touchdowns. Redesigned for iOS 7, FitStar: Tony Gonzalez features a new set of video workouts by the superstar NFL tight end showing proper technique and encouraging you to keep going. The app lets you track your progress and share achievements with friends.

  • 4 MLB.com At Bat
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    MLB At Bat
    Free with MLB.TV subscription

    At Bat was one of the first apps to debut when Apple first introduced the App Store. Over five years later it is still one of the platform's top performers, giving baseball fans an excellent way to follow their team and stay updated with Major League Baseball. If you go all in and subscribe you can use the app to watch any baseball game throughout the season.

  • 5 Gorilla Workout
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    Gorilla Workout

    Who can resist a workout app that features a cartoon gorilla as its mascot? Fun aside, Gorilla Workout has 175 different workout combinations, keeping track of performance and offering a wide variety of methods for you to customize workout goals. A variety of additional, more intense workouts are available as in-app upgrades.


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