10 best iPad apps for news and media

January 3 2014

The iPad is one of the best ways to catch up on the news, with many news organizations and clever developers offering excellent apps. This group of 10 will keep you informed with articles and features from practically every area of interest.

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  • 1 Feedly
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    There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth across the Internet when Google shut down Reader. It all looks silly in retrospect as Feedly has risen to become both the best and most dominant app of the Reader replacements. Feedly pulls in your RSS feeds and makes it easy to add them from within the app. It is a great way to power through headlines to stay connected with favorite topics.

  • 2 The Atlantic
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    The Atlantic

    The Atlantic has taken the wise path of building a separate app that is not stuck inside of Newsstand. Subscribers get full access to the magazine, yet there is still some accessible content for non-subscribers.

  • 3 Zite
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    Zite for iPad

    Perhaps it is time to let your magazine read you. That is the goal of Zite (a 2013 Tabby Awards nominee), which seeks to be an intelligent magazine that scours the Internet to find articles based on your interests.

  • 4 Flipboard
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    Flipboard has continued to reimagine what following news is like in the iPad era. Users can now become their own editors of content by creating their own magazine (be sure to check out our very own TabTimes magazine).

  • 5 The New York Times
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    The New York Times bought in to the iPad early on and it continues to operate a top-flight digital publication. The Times is heavily paywalled, so access is limited if you are not a subscriber.

  • 6 Pocket
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    Pocket works like your personal DVR for articles on the web. Install the browser extension on the desktop to clip articles to read later leisurely on the iPad. It reformats the content into a clean format, stripping away what can often be annoying advertisement and videos.

  • 7 60 Minutes
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    60 Minutes

    With so many content aggregators hanging around the App Store's news section, 60 Minutes is a refreshingly in-depth and original application. it serves as both a companion to the popular news show as well as a great place to discover other news and information.

  • 8 Pulse
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    LinkedIn saw an opportunity in Pulse, an excellent news aggregator that looks great on the iPad, to take a bigger role in content. It shares much with Flipboard in terms of layout, yet Pulse is more focused on professional and industry news.

  • 9 AP Mobile
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    When it comes to breaking news the Associated Press is still among the best. The organization's iPad app is another must-have resource for scanning the news or relying on timely push alerts.

  • 10 Huffington
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    Huffington is a magazine built by The Huffington Post that gives a weekly composition of content from the site as well as original articles. Much of the focus is also on photography and design, with many large and appealing images dominating the app.


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