5 best iPad apps for nutrition and recipes

by Derek Walter

January 5 2014

The path to bettter nutrition and healthier recipes can be made easier with iPad apps. There are several choices that will track your eating, calorie intake, or other health metrics as well as provide recipes that won't bust the calorie limit.

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  • 1 WaterIn
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    One of the simplest but most important elements of sound health is drinking proper amounts of water. WaterIn is designed to make that easier. You can customize how much your intake should be as this can vary. The app then uses a visual indicator to help you get closer to that daily water intake goal.

  • 2 Foodle
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    Foodle has nutritional information on over 8,000 different types of foods. It could be very useful for looking up information about foods at the grocery store to determine if the nutritional value matches any goals for better health.

  • 3 Cooking Light Recipes
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    Cooking Light Recipes

    While there is no shortage of cooking apps, Cooking Light Recipes is targeted directly at those who are conscious of their nutritional state. It includes some rather tasty-looking choices to ensure that a healthy lifestyle does not necessitate drab eating.

  • 4 Healthy Recipes by SparkRecipes
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    Healthy Recipes by SparkRecipes

    This app includes close to 200,000 healthy recipes. Each choice has good health and high vegetable content in mind, making it an excellent choice for healthy recipe choices.

  • 5 Calorie Counter
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    Calorie Counter

    Calorie Counter from MyFitnessPal has a great interface and some excellent functionality for managing one's calorie intake. The app also takes this data and provides various charts and graphics that can give you a good readout on how well your calorie intake is going.


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