Best New iPad Apps: Refreshed Paper; edit any document; Conquer your email & Catch March Madness

by Derek Walter

March 14 2014

Paper gets an iOS 7 makeover.

A grab bag of great new iPad apps makes up this week's list. Paper and Textilus are neat writing tools; Due will keep you from forgetting important to-do items; CloudMagic's updated email app integrates with Salesforce and other business software; Tynker teaches your kids how to code in a fun way; and you can stay on top of college basketball's most popular tournament with NCAA March Madness Live.

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  • 1 Paper by FiftyThree
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    Paper by FiftyThree

    The popular writing and sketching app Paper has been updated for iOS 7, blending the mock notebooks and creating tools with flat design. The result looks great, and cleans up what was already a fairly minimalist interface. Paper is great for those that want to take handwritten notes at a meeting but prefer to keep everything on their iPad.

  • 2 Textilus
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    Textilus is a very capable word processor that works with Word, OpenOffice, and Scrivener (popular for novels and script writing) files. Having a cross-platform editor can be very useful given the variety of file types that others may be using. It features a very smart, sliding formatting bar that carries out a significant amount of styling.

  • 3 Due
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    Due is great for how fast it can create a new task or reminder. Just launch the app and then add a to-do item or set a time-based alert for an existing one. It does not require a new account or syncing with a browser plugin - which is a refreshing piece of simplicity. It is a universal iOS app so add it to your iPhone if it works out well.

  • 4 CloudMagic
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    CloudMagic received a substantial update this week, with a new feature known as cards. By double tapping a message you can save it to Evernote, Salesforce, Zendesk, Trello, or other cloud-based accounts. Even though CloudMagic offers rapid search, it isn't always the best practice to rely on leaving information buried in your email. It offers a solid productivity boost to an already excellent email app.

  • 5 Tynker
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    Learning to code is all the rage, and there is no better way for kids to do so than with Tynker. The app uses visual programming; kids solve a series of puzzles and logic games in order to perform and learn basic computer programming. The app is free, and additional activities are available through in-app purchases.

  • 6 NCAA March Madness Live
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    NCAA March Madness Live

    The first two days of the NCAA Tournament can be hazardous to productivity, with Thursday and Friday featuring 16 televised games each. If you are not planning on calling in sick, then the official NCAA March Madness Live app may be a discreet way to check out the action. As is increasingly the case, you will need a paid satellite or cable subscription to watch the games broadcast on TBS, TNT, and truTV through the app.


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