12 noteworthy iPad business products at MacWorld 2012

by George Jones

January 27 2012

As usual, a large number of iPad and iOS products and accessories were on display at MacWorld this year. Surprisingly, however, a great number of these products were built with business and organizational use in mind. 

Not all of these products are or will be great, but from aesthetics to functionality to ambition, they all stood out in some way, shape, or form. 

  • 1 Anthro Corp's Tablet Charging Cabinet
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    Anthro Corporation introduced a new mobile rack-style charging station capable of charging 40 iPads (or iPhones) at a time. Perfect for schools.

  • 2 CurrentWerks USB electrical outlets
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    CurrentWerks demonstrated a number of forward-thinking AC power outlets that feature 2-4 USB ports. Some of the outlets have AC and USB, others have just USB. CEO Patrick Manning says that the company has gotten so many orders, it is having trouble keeping up with demand.

  • 3 Adonit's Jot Touch
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    Judging by the crowds around Adonit’s booth, the company’s new Jot Touch was one of the most popular items at MacWorld/iWorld. A Bluetooth antenna and pressure-sensitive gauge allows it to respond and write in a more natural fashion.

  • 4 MacPractice Electronic Health Records
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    Surprisingly, there weren’t very many healthcare-oriented vendors at the show. MacPractice had a an electronic records solution on display that included patient records, Rx history, and more.

  • 5 Dry Case
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    Dry Case had a cut-and-dry display of their waterproof cases for iPhone (displayed here) and iPad.

  • 6 iBallz iPad protection
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    A company named iBallz had a unique take on iPad case protection; their case attaches 4 polyfoam balls around each corner of a tablet to prevent the corners and screen for striking the ground.

  • 7 Anti-fingerprint iPad case
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    A fingerprint-proof screen protector is hard to capture in pictures. It’s an interesting concept more people and organizations should probably be thinking about, particularly given the increased use of fingerprint scanners.

  • 8 Beats by Liberace?
    Slide 8

    Calling the speaker system being displayed in the Beats By Dre booth over-the-top is an understatement. Yes, that’s an iPhone/iPad dock in the middle.

  • 9 Solid Line's Right Shift 2 Keyboard Case
    Slide 9

    Solid Line Products had a very nice Right Shift 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case on display at the show. It’s thin, lightweight, and has a nice level of responsiveness. It also has two large shift keys for added convenience.

  • 10 Parat Solutions' ParaSync
    Slide 10

    Parat Solutions’ ParaSync charging and docking station was interesting. You insert iPads into special cases, which then allow you to insert iPads into the charger like cartridges. A single USB cord connects this device to a computer, allowing you to sync all 10 devices from iTunes.

  • 11 SeaSucker iPad Flexible Mount
    Slide 11

    SeaSucker uses a flexible mounting arm and tunable vacuum suction to mount iPads and keyboards. An interesting option for kiosks and show floors. The company also makes weighted bases and other display accessories.

  • 12 Kanex's Sydnee charger
    Slide 12

    Kanex’s Sydnee iOS Recharge Station, which is scheduled for release in a few months, is very compact, and can charge 4 iPads at a time.


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