‘Slow’ Windows 8 sales are well below Microsoft’s expectations, claim reports

November 19, 2012

This issue first came to attention when Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows reported that Windows 8 PC sales were “well below Microsoft’s internal projections”, a claim which apparently came from a “trusted source” at the Redmond software giant.

The same source put this lacklustre demand down to third-party PC manufacturers and their supposed “inability to deliver”, a comment which is unlikely to be received well by the same manufacturers already frustrated by Microsoft’s decision to launch its own Windows 8 tablet.

Microsoft officially says that it has sold over four million copies of Windows 8 since launch. This figure, while not inconsiderable, would tally with a separate report from ReadWrite, which reported that a senior exec from retailer Newegg has deemed Windows 8 sales to be "slow going".

Merle McIntosh, the senior VP of product management at Newegg North America, said that the retailer had been "prepared for an explosion" of Windows 8 sales at launch, but does expect sales of the new OS to pick up in the second quarter of 2013.

Just last week, Steve Ballmer was reported to have told French newspaper Le Parisien that sales of its Windows 8 Surface RT tablet had been "modest", only for Microsoft to later rectify that the Microsoft CEO had been referring to supply and distribution, and not tablet sales.


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