Small businesses have a strong interest in Windows 8, but iPad has a running start: Survey

October 26, 2012
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The survey of 175 small businesses by iYogi Insights shows that 33% are considering an upgrade to Windows 8 for their PCs and notebooks. But there is also strong interest in Windows 8 tablets and tablets in general.

Of those surveyed, a majority (56%) of the small businesses say they already use tablets another 34% say they’re planning to integrate tablets into their business network.

The iPad has already found a home with many of the small businesses surveyed — 31% say they use Apple’s popular tablet for various tasks. But Windows is also well-entrenched and 38% of those who use iPads said they are considering upgrading to Windows 8.

Overall, 29% of all the small businesses respondents said they are considering Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets exclusively. Ten percent said they are already using Windows 7 tablets.

“Small businesses may be the key to Microsoft’s winning strategy with Windows 8, as their size allows for agility and experimentation unlike larger enterprises,” said Vishal Dhar,co-founder of iYogi.

“The need is for speed, seamless integration and connectivity on the go as small businesses are often mobile, multi-location and dependent on multiple interconnected devices,” he added. “Windows 8 promises to offer all that to users and much more.” 



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