Smarter Stand for iPad blitzes through Kickstarter funding goal

July 11, 2012

The idea behind the Smarter Stand is to offer more flexibility than the two viewing angles Apple’s Smart Cover offers for propping up the iPad. 

A Los Angeles entrepreneur and app developer launched the Smarter Stand on the community fundraising site Kickstarter hoping to raise $10,000 by August 13. But within 24 hours he’d already raised $10,000 and funding by individual contributors stands at $78,952 as of today.

In a promotional video Smarter Stand inventor Dotan Saguy said the idea came to him when he was trying to use his iPad in the kitchen propped up against a jar of jam. “I thought if I could just isolate some of the folds in the cover, that would do the trick. That’s why I created the Smarter Stand,” he said. 

The Smarter Stand isn’t actually a stand, it’s two plastic clips that attach to either side of Apple’s Smart Cover (or Smart Case). The clips fit neatly in place on the Smart Cover so they don’t have to be removed when not in use. 

Apple’s Smart Cover folds to offer two positions, one that is very upright and another that is fairly low. Smarter Stand is designed to let you prop the iPad at many different angles with improved stability. For example, Smarter Stand lets you position the iPad at a 33-degree angle that the company says is “ideal for browsing” or at a 45-degree angle “perfect for video chats or watching movies.” 

But those hoping to get their hands on the Smarter Stand, available in a variety of colors, can only pre-order the product which is not yet shipping. A discount off the expected $20 suggested retail price is available at the Kickstarter site. The product is expected to start shipping this September.


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