Sococo debuts enterprise iPad app at Tablet Strategy West

February 23, 2013
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Paul Brody, CTO and co-founder of Sococo, made the announcement at the first TabTimes Tablet Strategy West conference in San Francisco.The application, previously only available for Macintosh and Windows operating systems, is a collaboration tool that allows for screen sharing, video, voice and chat communications.

The software sold on a per-seat license, allows workers in different spaces, whether they are in the next cubicle or the next country to see the status of another person without having to send an email or text message.

“Users can see, at a glance, who is around and what’s going on. This is a very unique virtual workplace,” Brody said during the exclusive preview at the event. The app should be ready for download in a few weeks, he added. 

In the Team Space app, workers are represented by icons that flash different colors and attributes depending on the person’s availability or location. Conversations and the ability to share and contribute change as the user moves in and out of workspaces.

Brody noted that the software tool has been primarily used by development teams who are often located around the globe. No time frame was given for either an Android or Windows 8 version.

Sococo's announcement came during the Tablet Strategy West conference in San Francisco that featured over a dozen sessions and 25 speakers who, among other topics, addressed the various ways businesses are putting tablet computers to work. 

The next Tablet Strategy conference is April 30 in New York.


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