Sprint partners with Google on mobile apps for business

July 24, 2014
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Starting in August, Sprint announced it will deliver a comprehensive, “mobile centric” offering of Google Apps that will include a full array of deployment and support services available to all of a customer’s employees including 24/7 support and online training.

Sprint said it will offer a broad portfolio of services for business customers including single sign-on, Google Apps and a “complete solution” that can be tailored to a company’s specific needs.

The cloud-based Google Apps cover the gamut of word processing, spreadsheet and presentations as well as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Drive and Google Docs for collaboration.

Separately, Google also announced in its Enterprise Blog  that Google Drive for Work, announced last month, is now available. Google Drive for Work is designed to give organizations better control and security of files and provide insights and visibility into how they are shared. One feature, Drive Audit, lets admins set up alerts for important events like files being shared outside the organization.

The news comes just a few months after Microsoft released long-awaited versions of Office apps for the iPad.

"Employees are more mobile and decentralized so the need for robust office productivity, collaboration and secure file storage for businesses large and small are simply a reflection of the degree to which the very nature of the workplace is changing," said Mike Sapien, principal analyst at Ovum. "There is a growing need for solutions built around mobile collaboration that is both well integrated and reliable. The role that Sprint will serve as a major mobility provider with integrated Google Apps represents a very significant step towards helping businesses meet that need."


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